What can you do?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Have you ever wanted to do something nice for someone, but you didn't know who or what to do?  I'm pretty sure I can solve your problem, especially if you love dogs. 

Lucky Dog Rescue is in need.  Yes, an adoption or a donation would be nice and would bring a HUGE smile a lot of faces — yours, the dog and Mama Ashley, but what can you do if you can't give money or adopt one of those babies??  I have the answer and it will bring a smile to yours and the other faces, too.

You can foster one of those babies for a weekend, week or even a month.  And the best part, it's ALL EXPENSES PAID!!!  You read that correct, all you need is the use of your home and your love. 

I'm sure you've seen those commercials on TV where they show the heart breaking animals in cages and ask you for a monthly donation.  Well, I'm sure those places get a lot of those donations, even adoptions, but what is being done here??  Think about all those sweet babies on TV and how sad they look.  I can tell you that you won't see that look on the Lucky Dog Rescue dog's faces.  Why?  Because when you walk in — you look like their new best friend and they have smiles on their faces.  Do they get hyper and bark when you walk in, yes!  Why?  Because they are sooo excited to see you!  They want your attention and your love.  Now, could you offer up your love for one of them at least for one weekend, week or month?  Still not sure?  Read this...  Foster Back-Outs   And now, look at these cuties that need your attention...

And there are MANY others you can choose from.  So, do me a favor please... think about doing something special for one of the Lucky Dog Rescue pups — not only will you be getting the best reward, but you'll also be doing something amazing for someone, Ashley.  Again, I'm not saying go adopt one right now, even though that would be amazing — however, fostering is the next best thing!!

So, you can't foster and you can't adopt.  Do you get a lunch break?  Do you ever have one of those days where you want to have lunch with someone, but no one is around to have lunch with you?  Why don't you go have lunch with one of the Lucky Dogs?  They LOVE visitors to take them for a walk around the kennel and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind a pinch of your sandwich.  You have no idea what just a few minutes of special time with one of them does for their hearts.  It gives them hope that maybe, just maybe one day someone will come and adopt them and they can share walks and maybe even lunch with their new family daily. 

I answered the question, "what can you do?"  Now, what WILL you do?   

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  1. I wish I could adopt a dog so bad, but I have no fence and live on a main highway. I promise to donate some dogfood or something to help


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