2011 Thanksgiving Thankful Thursday

Thursday, November 24, 2011

For the past three weeks I have blogged about being thankful on "thankful thursday" and if you happened to miss the first post, click here to view it, to view the second post, click here and to view the third post, click here.  Here is my top five for this, my last 2011 "thankful thursday" series.

  • I'm thankful for my love, Terry.  This is our third Thanksgiving together and each year gets sweeter and sweeter.  Life before him was just life, but I now know it was just my preparation for my future with him.  God did bless the road that led me straight to him.  I love our past, I love our present and I'm already praying for our future and I know I will love it as well.  I use to ask friends, "how did you know he's the one?"  Their answers were always vague and I didn't understand, but now I do.  You really can't explain it — however, when you know, you really do know.  And I'm blessed to know he is the one.  I'm very thankful for our life together and the love we share.   
  • I'm thankful for my parents.  I'm thankful for the life they provided for me growing up and the example they set as husband and wife.  They have been married for 40 years and that's rare to hear of these days.  I'm thankful that they are proud of the woman I am today and I love the fact that they consider Terry part of our family.     
  • I'm thankful for my papaw and my granny.  My papaw (my dad's dad) and my granny (my mom's mom) are the only two grandparents I have living.  I know most of my friend's grandparents aren't living anymore and I'm blessed to have them still here with us.  I don't get a chance to see them often, but I'm thankful to see them during the holidays and special occasions.
  • I'm thankful for extended family.  Family time during the holidays are important to us.  There is always laughter and cameras flashing.  Stories from earlier days are always told and hugs coming and going are guaranteed.  And as most will probably say, their family is the best, but we know our families are the best! 
  • I'm thankful for my friends.  My friends are more than just friends, they are the sisters I never had.  They are always there and never take advantage of our friendship.  They are supportive and tell it like it is.  Some I see on a regular basis and others have the iPhone always on the charger.  =)  Our conversations are never short and both parties listen and talk.  They are excited about my future and can't wait to share in our future memories. 

Thanksgiving isn't the only time we should stop to think about what all we are thankful for, but it's wonderful to be reminded that we all should be thankful.  Today and always, give thanks to the Lord above for without him, none of this is possible. 

Enjoy your day with family and friends and never forget to be thankful because we are all blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!


  1. I'm SO thankful for you Joy! For finding an amazing friend via blogland; you're the best!!!

  2. precious! it was truly so good to see you and Terry albeit briefly. you are such a wonderful woman and i'm so happy i know you!


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