Busler/Misenar Father/Daughter Art Show

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tonight, we had the pleasure of attending Charlie Busler and Rachel Misenar's father/daughter art reception at Lucas Road Art Gallery.  Their work is amazing... both individually different, but alike in some ways.  Enjoy the photos from tonight...

Rachel Misenar and her sweet daddy Charlie Busler

Sharon, Charlie, Rachel and Seth and little Jude and Hazel — Hazel's facial expression is too cute!

Me and my favorite Mississippi artist!

I finally got to see JENNIFER!!!  Wish I lived closer to these sweet friends!!  
But, always good to see them when they are in town!


  1. So happy to see pics from tonight! Wish I could have been there:)

  2. Great seeing you tonight. I loved the show!!!


  3. What beautiful colors that were used to create these wonderful paintings! So fascinating! Your hair looked great too! Glad you had a great night!

  4. ha! i love this so much! it was amazing to see your beautiful self. love you!


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