It's beginning to look alot like CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Saturday morning, we decided if we were going to put up the tree — that was the day.  Of course, having the air running while putting the 9.5 foot tree in place was miserable, but I'm happy to say it's done.  Not to say there wasn't any issues that came our way.

Like I said, the tree is 9.5 foot very full, prelit tree.  When I bought the house in 2007, the previous owners had bought this tree and decided to leave it when the house sold because the house they were moving to didn't have high enough ceilings.  So, it became my baby — well, BIG baby.  It's been a great tree, even though Terry hates to put it up every year.  And this year, after we put the first of four parts of the tree together — some of the lights weren't working.  Now, you know you can't decorate the tree until the lights are working and it's been fluffed.

Off to Lowes we go in search of this...

Guess what?  IT WORKS!!  Saved the Christmas tree and helped get the ball rolling again.  Then it was time to finish the assembly, fluff and decorate. 

Here is our 2012 Christmas tree...


  1. Your tree is BEAUTIFUL!! That is MY kind of tree. Ours is a hodge podge of ornaments and gaudy purple beads... Jon and Christen are in charge of our tree. ;o)

    we have a prelit tree too, I scanned the QR code and have it book marked now in case we ever need that handy tool!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. 9.5 is a BIG tree! Looks so pretty Joy! I hope you're having a fabulous Thanksgiving!!! Give MB some kisses for me!


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