Thankful Thursday 2011 #1

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A lot of my friends have decided to list something they are thankful for on facebook each day and I think it's a great idea, however, I'm going to list five every Thursday here on my blog.  And each week, there will be a theme.  Thanksgiving day, my last thankful post, will be my top five things I'm thankful for.  So, you'll have to check back each Thursday to see what theme and list I've chosen to post.

  • I'm thankful for curly hair.  And it's taken me many years to be thankful for this.  After many years of reversed perms (straighteners), I'm embracing my curls on this rainy day.  Why?  Because it saved me at least 45 minutes of drying time and straightening time in the bathroom this morning.  Of course, tomorrow (unless it's raining) it will be straight, yet again.
  • I'm thankful for the color black.  If you look in our closet, you'll see that my wardrobe is 80% black.  Why?  I feel the color doesn't add attention to how wide my behind really is!  So, no need to worry, I'm not goth, I just really like the way black clothes look on me.  FYI — chocolate brown is my next favorite color! =)  
  • I'm thankful for nick@nite.  Between the hours of 1a.m. and 3a.m., I sometimes have insomnia and George, Rachel and Michael usually keep me company until I can fall back asleep.  (If you don't know who George, Rachel or Michael is... you probably don't get this.)
  • I'm thankful for Paula Deen.  Without watching her cooking show, you would think butter is bad for you.  Thanks, Paula, for making sure we all know that you can use sticks of butter and still be a wonderful cook without giving anyone a heart attack!
  • I'm thankful for bloggers and followers.  I've met so many folks (now friends) through blogging over the past three years and even helped people learn to blog, too.  I post what I want, because it is my blog and I'll blog about it if I want to.  I love my followers (mostly friends) and their comments always make my day.  My family and Terry's family also read this blog and I feel like it keeps them up to date on our lives.  Of course, this blog does have stalkers, too and I'm thankful for every click they make.  Without them, I probably wouldn't have as many page views that I do, now!   
This is was my silly theme for thankfulness.  You might not think these things are something to be thankful for, but I do.  Each means something to me and I'm thankful for them.  Come back next Thursday to see what else I'm thankful for...


  1. This is a fun idea! I've seen the thankful statuses on facebook, but I like your themed Thankful Thursdays. There are so many things to be thankful for - silly and serious!

  2. I LOVE nick@nite too! I was SO happy they picked up Friends!

  3. Do I fall into the stalker or friend category? hehehehe j/k This is a great idea Joy! I have to agree I have a lot of black too, and I love that way I feel in black clothes :-)

  4. love this! and i also love my curly hair now!

  5. This is a great idea! How much fun! It is so easy to forget our blessings! Can't wait to see your theme for next week! Hope all is well!


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