Thankful Thursday 2011 #2

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last week, I started my series on "thankful thursday" and if you happened to miss last week's post, click here to view it.  Here is my five for this "thankful thursday" series.

  • I'm thankful for my talents.  Whether they are being used everyday or once a week, I'm very thankful for them.  I believe God gives everyone a talent and it is their job to figure out what that talent is and to use it to the best of their ability.  Talents can be as different as reading to children or singing on Broadway.  Isn't it a blessing to know that we are all given talents?!
  • I'm thankful for the right to vote.  Two days ago, we went back to the poles to vote on elected officials and three other amendments.  Thankfully, we have the right to vote however we see fit.  Republican, Democrat, yes or no, it's our decision and our vote.   
  • I'm thankful for the four seasons.  Even though in Mississippi we really only have "hot and cold," I'm thankful for fall, winter, spring and summer.  Fall is my favorite, but there is something I love about all of them. 
  • I'm thankful for common sense.  The ability to think for myself, and know what is right from wrong.  The roads we've traveled in life help bring our common sense to a new level.  I'm thankful for those experiences and how they have helped me along the way.  
  • I'm thankful for having my senses.  Can you imagine not being able to taste, hear, see, feel and/or smell the season that is among us?  We go through life with these senses and forget to thank God for giving them to us.  Some people don't have all of these wonderful senses, so we should be thankful every day for them.

You might not think these things are something to be thankful for, but I do.  Each means something to me and I'm thankful for them.  Come back next Thursday to see what else I'm thankful for...


  1. These are all wonderful things to be thankful for!

    Happy Thursday <3

  2. I've been looking forward to this list since last Thursday. giving thanks is so refreshing!

  3. love your list! Great things to be thankful for and I can identify with each one. :o)

  4. Beautiful post! We have so much to be thankful for. I like how you pointed out little things that we often take for granted such as the senses and life experiences! I love that you are doing this each week! Such a wonderful reminder of what we need to be thankful for!


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