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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 17th started out like any other day — we slept in, had breakfast and decided to get ready to head out shopping.  We ate at Johnny Rocket's at the summit and then walked around stopping in and out of stores to see what was on sale, etc.  Terry called and made reservations earlier that day for us to have dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  We had been wanting to try it, and Saturday was the day. 

The day was pretty much perfect.  It was just he and I all day.  He even let me listen to Christmas music (I should have known something was up) and was even willing to fight the masses of people and no parking spaces to take me to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  Of course, after seeing the wait line and the non existent parking spaces and the fact that I was starving, we went around the corner and shared a burger and cheesy fries at Johnny Rocket's.

The afternoon of shopping went by quickly and it was time to head to dinner.  Ruth's Chris was actually in a hotel and we were a few minutes early for our reservation.  They seated us right away in the middle of the hotel under trees and next to a waterfall.  (Yes, I now realize I should have taken a photo.) The food was yummy, but the company and conversation was the best part. 

During dinner, we talked about going to see a movie, but I was a little exhausted and suggested we stop at a redbox and get a movie to watch in our pjs curled up on the couch.  And being in Birmingham, we had no clue where a redbox was.  So after dinner as we were walking back to the truck, I was downloading the free redbox app to find a location near us.  He opened the door for me and as I was trying to find the closest redbox near the house, he was suppose to be getting me a "tooth picker."  Sexy, right?  LOL

The next thing I know, I'm starring at a stunning, sparkling, huge diamond ring.  My eyes met up with his and he said, "I want to know if you will spend forever with me?"  My eyes got watery as I told him YES!!  I'm pretty sure I've left out some things because I still feel like it's a dream, but as I sit here and stare at this amazing ring on my left ring figure — I know it's not a dream. 

The view from head on...
The side view...
I've been blessed to have the most amazing boyfriend for almost three years and now I can say without a doubt he is the most amazing fiancée, ever.  I can't wait to be Mrs. Terry Sowell for the rest of my life! 


  1. That is the sweetest thing EVER!!!!!! Congratulations again =) I am so excited for you!!!

  2. Heartiest Congratulations to you and your fiance and I wish you both an everlasting love. The ring is beautiful!

  3. ahhhhhhh I just love this story!!!! What a perfect proposal!!!!! Congratulations girl!

  4. WoW!!! Congratulations!!! SO AWESOME!! :o)

    That ring is amazing!!!

  5. yep, I'm back......that ring is still gorgeous!

  6. story is a tear-jerker and the ring is STUNNING. it literally is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! I am so so happy for you both! Here's to the you guys!

  7. Wow!! Congratulations!! Your ring is absolutely beautiful!!

  8. Yyayyy!!! Congratulations to both of you!!
    Enjoy every second of the wedding planning.. Youll miss it, trust me!!
    LOTS of happiness to you both!!

    Beautiful ring btw ;)

  9. Congrats! That is so wonderful.
    My mom, sister, and I sat with yall at Viking Cooking School a couple years ago and I thought you were such a sweet couple to watch interact. Best wishes!

  10. Oh, Joy, I am so happy for you! I know that you have been waiting for this moment which makes it even more special! Congratulations!!!!

  11. So happy for you! BEAUTIFUL ring!

  12. Such a sweet engagement story!!! And your ring is so pretty!

  13. Hi there! i'm a new follower from your post on Lets eat Cake this week. I just got engaged last month and i'm really enjoying all the wedding posts.


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