Looking back at 2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011

As 2012 quickly approaches, I thought it would be a good idea to look back at 2011 in photos to see what the past year has been all about.  Enjoy!!

MSO Gala at MSU Riley Center in January where we ran into LB!
Getting cozy on Valentine's Day after a day trip to Vicksburg and Jackson in February.
Enjoying the Blue Angels at Wings Over Meridian in March.

Celebrating Easter with my family and my home church in April.
Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at San Marco's with Abby in May.
Our first self portrait picture after celebrating our two year dating anniversary at The Rustler in May.
Mom and I went to see Abby's big debut in Hairspray at MLT in May.
Father's day at Kemper County lake with dad's side of the family in June.
Sowell beach vacation in Florida the first part of June.

My surprise 30th birthday party at The Denney's the last part of June.
Fun times at Dalewood Lake with the Van Doren's during the 4th of July.
Celebrating Terry's birthday at Ross Bridge Resort in Birmingham in July.
A little reunion with amazing friends at The Veranda in Starkville in August.
Ran into Kate at the MSU vs. LSU at Starkville in September .
Eating at Diamond Jim's in Livingston with the Van Doren's in September.
Right before the classes of 91 & 92 reunion at Weidmann's with the Van Doren's in September.
Piper's 4th birthday party in Birmingham this past October.
At Rachel's art show in Meridian in November. 
The night we got engaged in Birmingham in December. Best night of my life... so far. =)

Can 2012 top 2011?  I have no doubt it will.  However, 2011 will be remembered forever as one of the best years of my life.  2012 comes with a wedding, a move and wonderful memories to be made.  Bring on the New Year!


  1. I love all of the sweet pictures of you and Terry! happy new year to you both!

  2. i have heard a lot about these hun they look lovely !!! awesome blog x
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