A visit with Lindsey in Memphis

Friday, December 30, 2011

Today has been a long day, but a great day.  We got on the road early to head to Southaven to have lunch with our favorite news anchor and friend, Lindsey Brown.  You might remember Lindsey from some of my past posts and this late summer, she took a job with Action 5 News and moved to Memphis.

It's been five long months, but we finally got a chance to hug, chat and dine with our favorite news anchor today at Huey's!

While we were dining, she wanted to all the details of the night we got engaged and then surprised us with a gift for our wedding... champagne.  

We loved the atmosphere at Huey's...

After lunch we said our short lived goodbyes to take in some shopping in the area and a few hours later went to Action 5 News to watch LB's news cast, live!!

On the set with Jarvis and Lindsey.  They make a great team!

During a break... check out this set!!
Lindsey, we had a great time catching up and seeing your new office and teammates!  Everyone was so very nice and welcoming and we can finally give you the thumbs up for making the right decision to join their team!  We miss you, but we will see you again soon!  PS  — Terry said next time we want to ride in the chopper!!!  =)

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  1. It sounds like a perfect day! Huey's is one of my favorites as well! I would love to hear details on the proposal!


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