Another checked off the list...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last Saturday, Terry and I went to register for our wedding gifts.  And I have to tell you, we were just a tad bit excited.  Excited to pick out the fun stuff, the practical stuff and of course the stuff you are just suppose to register for.  

We started right after lunch and went for almost five hours straight.  Terry was the "scanner" and while it was fun, it was also exhausting.  Making that many decisions in that length of time was overwhelming, but we laughed and giggled and had a blast.  

We registered at belk and bed bath and beyond.  The information we got from you, our readers, was VERY helpful.  Thank you again!!  As we walked out of Belk that night, we both looked to each other and laughed and said, after all of that we probably won't get anything.  And to be honest, we are perfectly fine with that.  It was a fun afternoon together and it's something we will remember forever.  

But, we did get something off our registry already.... we bought our luggage last night!  It was on clearance and we really wanted that color and style and since it was being discontinued, we decided to buy it for ourselves.  At least we know that we will have everything we need to pack for our trip!  =)

Another marked off the list... moving on to next now!  


  1. 5 hours does sound exhausting but I can only imagine how much fun y'all had!

  2. Jonathan and I gave each other luggage for our wedding gift. We had to have it for our honeymoon! Glad y'all are having fun planning!


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