Counting down the days...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

After we got engaged on December 17th, we have been asked at least four or five times a day... "When are you getting married?"  Terry and I decided the date of our wedding on New Year's Day.

So now, I guess y'all are waiting for me to tell you the date and location?!?!

We are counting down the days because, we are getting married in 48 days in Jamaica!  You read that correctly... on March 12th at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Terry and I will say "I do" at beautiful secluded resort in Jamaica.  Our parents were the first to know after we made our reservations the first week of January.

Before we got engaged last month, we were already talking about what we wanted for our wedding day and this kept coming to mind... "no stress please."  While visiting family over the Christmas holidays, we informed our families that we would be going off to get married.  After being together for almost three years, we decided we didn't want a long engagement.  We are ready to start our lives together as husband and wife and in less than two months, we will do that.

To say we are excited about our destination wedding would be an understatement.  Every single detail for our wedding day has been planned and we can't wait to be there.  With every day that passes by we get a little closer to our day and before we know it March 12th will be here.

My parents have been very supportive in our decision and can't wait to see our photos and DVD when we return from our wedding.  And don't worry, I promise to show y'all a few pictures from our day, too!

Until then... let the countdown continue!  =)


  1. ahhhh! So excited for you all! I cannot wait to see your gorgeous pictures!

  2. So excited for you! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Can't wait to see pictures! Happy Wednesday!

  3. on so exciting! doesn't it feel great to have a date planned? I'm a wedding planner and have a blog, you might fine some really great and fun ideas on there. check it out if you like! i'd love to feature you on there sometime too if you like!!

  4. awe how exciting....we got married in Pigeon Forge,Tennessee--like you,I didn't want to do with anymore stress....a few family members came but it was small--certainly an adventure we'll never forget!


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