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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This weekend we plan to register for our wedding showers that are coming up and we have a pretty good idea about what we "think" we will register for, but I would love to have some tips on things "to scan and not to scan." 

We will be registering for fine china and every day china, however, have you seen the prices for five piece place settings for fine china these days??  We don't want anyone to go broke trying to buy something off our registry, so we plan take that into consideration.  What we looked at last week, we love and it's priced reasonable.  But other than our fine china and every day china... what should we register for??

We look forward to reading your advice...
And thanks in advance!!


  1. Cookware, flatware, cutlery, bed/bath/table linens, baskets (I got a million of the linen lined wicker baskets and they were a godsend), bakeware, picture frames (you're going to want to frame all those fab wedding photos!), ummmm, photo albums for the same reason. I'm sure I can come up with some more, lol.

  2. Things may have changed, but when I was getting married it seemed that people who couldn't afford to get pieces of china (or didn't want to for whatever reason), got us towels. At the time I wondered what I'd ever do with all those towels, but they actually came in really handy over the years. Anyway, if you plan to redo a bathroom or have specific colors you'd like, you could register for towels, etc. in the colors or theme you like. If I had it to do over again, I'd register for that stuff.. towels, sheets, bedding, etc. Hope that helps! Congratulations!

  3. So, as a brand new married girl, when we were registering, we thought about all those things, but my Mom encouraged me to register for the things we really wanted and not worry about the prices. She assured me it would all work out. You'll get tons of doubles and tons of things you didn't really want ;) so you have have lot of money on gift cards. So if you don't get all the china or anything else, you can just go buy it after the wedding. But seriously, register for everything... It's the one time in life you get to be selfish!


  4. When I married I was 22 and needed everything. Many of today's brides marry later and have accumulated many of the things you would normally register for. Register for things you don't have and would not normally buy yourself. If you plan to have dinner parties, holiday dinners, then by all means register for fine china, crystal, flatware, cookware. You will receive those pieces.

  5. As someone who helped run a bridal registery, I agree - don't worry about prices or about registering for 'too much'. You will be surprised how much you will receive!! Do register for a variety of items. Things don't have to be 'typical' registry gifts. People love to give unique things they know you love but wouldn't normally buy for yourself (I once had a girl register for 3 funky cow prints - about $350 total andsee sold everyone of them). Another thing to consider when registering for china is to register for fine china, everyday ware, and possibly potteryware. If you don't get as much of one as you'd like - you can always trade/exchange it and maybe complete one of your other sets. And great advice above about registering at places like home depot and 'specialty' stores! Good luck and have fun!! :). Renae

  6. If you like to entertain I recommend registering for appetizer plates, 3-tier plate holders, ice buckets, serving platters, bar glasses etc. I've found crate and barrel is a great place for these items. Have fun registering.

  7. I agree with the posters ahead of me-go ahead and register for what you really want/need...and yes register for a variety of things-ask for certain colors if you know you are going to decorate that way or if they are your faves...

  8. Best advice I ever received re: wedding and baby registries is to make sure you have a wide range of prices to suite all of your friends and familHathor ticket items, middle range price and cheaper. That way, everyone can give and help you celebrate.

    It's ok to put that china set you're dying for! A few people might get together and split it! Make gift cards an option too! You can use a few cards together to get the one big item.

  9. I totally agree with the advice to put a variety of options price wise!
    Some of my favorites (wedding or other post-married gifts):
    Le creuset Dutch oven- I use it a couple times a week
    Good knives - we have wustof and I can't/wouldn't go back
    China - I use mine, so it was a good gift for us. Lots of people bought 1 piece at a time.

    Hope that helps!

  10. I know you already have had a house so you probably have more things than Jason and I did when we got married...but...things that I was thankful for when I got married...can NEVER have too many towels even dish towels...I kept the tags on lots of them and pull new ones out when one needs to be tossed. :) We had a "Honey Do" shower for couples, but all the gifts were "guy gifts"...water hoses, tools, levels, shovels, Lowe's gift cards etc...very useful and lots of fun!! I also had a Pampered Chef Shower...greatest idea ever!! No one brings a gift...they purchase off your wish list, and the bride gets the hostess benefits, too!! LOVED it!! Also, gift card showers are very popular these days, too. This is all for now, but I may think of more. Hope maybe some of this helps. :)


  11. What fun you are about to have! I loved getting all of our pretty dishes and such. Just go with what you want, and I am sure that it will cover a variety of amounts. One of the things that we got that I didn't think we would use was our pyrex. Boy, was I wrong. I use them so much! As much as you like to cook, I am sure that you would too. Also, give Terry the scanner gun. I have never known a man that did not like shooting at something! Enjoy and make a date out of registering!

  12. I never registered for china, instead just a fun set of everyday dishes. Maybe when we get a bigger house with room for a cabinet I can start begging for my grandmother's china?
    Register for towels! Lots of towels! I hate buying them for myself, is that crazy?


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