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Saturday, March 31, 2012

I love a Saturday that starts out lazy and then the day completely changes into a little adventure. You'll have to stay tuned to see what our big adventure was on this gorgeous Saturday on a later post. Now, back to Flip Burger.

The Summit is like a big amusement park for adults. You'll find endless amounts of shopping, some of the amazing restaurants and once you finally find a parking place you will never move from it until it's time to go, therefore you will get lots of exercise by walking to all the fun boutiques and eateries.

Since we will be making Birmingham our new home, I thought it was time to start trying out new restaurants — there are so many choices, we might find a new one for every week of the year. My heart wanted The Cheesecake Factory, however I really wanted to try something different. We've seen Flip Burger a few times during our searches for parking spaces and today was the day we decided to try it out.

As you can image from the name, they serve burgers — only it's not just beef burgers, they have tuna burgers, chicken burgers, etc. I went for the classic (I know, I need to branch out a little more) but y'all will be proud of this — it comes with their signature sauce (which is really just their homemade thousand island dressing) and I kept it on the burger and it was delicious!! I also had a side of their homemade fries. The Mr. opted for the same except with all the trimmings on the burg. It was a treat to try a new take on a old favorite. 
We chose to sit outside and enjoy the delightful view. Today's weather was perfect for dining on the patio and I hope for more days like today as we explore our new city. And if you haven't tried Flip Burger Boutique... I think it's a perfect place to have a lunch date. Happy eating!!


  1. Looks delicious! We went to the Summit a few months ago and ate at Chuy's. I was so amazed at all the lovely places to shop! I hope to go back this summer! Please keep me up to date about all the fine eating that Birmingham has.

  2. By the way, love the new look on the blog! So fresh and beautiful!


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