Thursday, March 29, 2012

I loath yard work. Let me clarify... I despise anything that makes me sore the next day and I hate WEEDS!!! I don't mind cutting the grass during the months the pollen doesn't aggravate my sinuses and I love to have a yard full of colorful flowers and a porch of large ferns, but I would love it if I could snap my fingers and it all be done. Our poor flower beds have been neglected for many months due to our recent bliss and now that things have settled down (for the moment) it was time to clean out the beds!

I solicited the help of my mother, seeing as I didn't get that ever so green thumb of hers. When I asked her exact words were, "really, today?" However, she (and MB) graciously came over late yesterday and helped me dig out the weeds (that were covering my blooming gerber daisies) and put pine straw out. I'm pretty sure she did more work that I did, because little Mar Belle came over to visit, too!! But, after a few grueling hours of hard work and a lot of me complaining... they are back looking like they did when I first moved in back in 2007!

I could slap myself for not taking before shots, but I'm pretty sure a few of you can imagine what a flower bed full of neglect and weeds looks like. Here are the after shots!


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