Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

There's nothing in this world like a true friendship and I'm blessed to say that I have a few amazing true friendships. One of those has been with me through everything — from meeting at her dad's print shop back in 2002 and eating lunch together every day until I moved to Jackson, to present day, even sending me a text just to say "thinking about ya, love you!" She doesn't hold back — and she doesn't tell me what I want to hear, but what I need to hear. I can't imagine my life without her friendship.

Sharing good times with great friends is the greatest joy. It's the stuff that makes life worthwhile. Whether sharing a lunch together or staying on the phone for hours with a good conversation, there is no greater fulfilling than spending time with friends. Always be thankful for the friendship that come your way, for not all are blessed with a heart to form these deep relationships.

Another wonderful blessing with a friendship is the friendship of couples. How amazing it is to share the friendship of a husband and wife with another husband and wife. They are like mentors, showing us the way life is suppose to be.

During the start of our relationship back in 2009, we have been blessed to become friends with other couples. They started as "my friends" or "his friends" but quickly became "our friends." We treasure every moment spent with our "couple friends." Only their status is no longer friends, we are extended family.

Angie and I began our friendship in 2002 and it gets stronger every day. No matter the miles between us, we always know what is happening in each other's lives. In 2009, when I met Terry, she was my mentor. She kept me grounded because it felt like I was floating every day. She was with me through our dating years, then she was with me every step of the way while planning our, bridal shower, dream destination wedding, and the home reception and she will be with us through our marriage journeys.

This will be the first time she has seen these pictures, and I think it's a great collection to our Sowell-Denney family photos!


  1. Thank you Joy for being my friend and I look forward to our friendship continuing to grow for many - many years to come. I am always here for you! So blessed to have a friend like you!

  2. awww Joy this is such a sweet post on friendship! What a blessing you've found in those friendships :-)

  3. Love the pics. Hope your special day was perfect!


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