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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Okay, I have a slight obsession with my new label maker. But, I think it's okay if I know I have a problem? Right!?

We have two hall closets in the hallway. One has linens, board games, tp, etc. and it's not really hard to keep it organized. The other was a complete nightmare. Basically, if it didn't have a place it got thrown in there. From Marleigh's treats, clothes (yes clothes) and meds, to office supplies, cords and crafts.

Take a look at the before...

Basically as unorganized as anything could be — but have no fear, the Mrs. with the label maker to the rescue! Here is the after...

Let me give you a break down on the supplies I used to make it like this.

     • sterile containers (Walmart $3.98 for the smaller ones and 6.98 for the larger ones)
     • black dividers (Walmart $4.98)
     • sterile divider drawers (Walmart $5.98)
     • label maker (of course)
     • unorganized closet items

Now we have a hall closet where we can find anything we need. Also, when we move, this will make moving so much easier!


  1. My label maker is my bff. EVERYTHING in my house has a label (almost), lol. Chris thought I was nuts until we moved the tv from the old living room to the new one and he didn't have to guess which cable went to what. He's a believer. I knew I would convert him eventually.

    1. HAHA, Terry hasn't seen all of these "fun" yet. Before long though, he might have even his toothbrush labeled! =)

  2. hahahaha Joy you are definitely organized now! Now come over and help me with my closets lol

  3. I think I would be in serious trouble with a label maker! I love your organizational skills! Good work Mrs. Sowell!

  4. The label maker is like my best friend! HAHA I have OCD! Love organization! It looks great!

    And I've been MIA... Congratulations on your wedding! You looked gorgeous and I love your blog header!!

  5. Oh man do I love a label maker! Your closet looks great!!

  6. I'm totally going to invest in a label maker and take your lead and organize my home! I'm starting my "adoption nesting" phase!! :)


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