Mr vs. Mrs

Monday, April 16, 2012

In marriage you'll find a lot of things you both like — of course, you'll also find there are those things that you prefer and he prefers the other.

Mr vs. Mrs 

thick crust vs. thin crust

Puff vs. Kleenex

Charmin vs. Cottenelle

Subway vs. Firehouse

thousand island vs. ranch

no lemon vs. lemon

ceiling fan off vs. ceiling fan on

Coke vs. Coke Zero

hamburger vs. cheeseburger

What are things that you and your hubs differ on?? I'm sure this list of things will grown, but right now we think it's funny, especially when we are shopping together. I'm sure other shoppers think we are crazy with my putting one thing in the cart and then he takes it out and puts the "other" brand in. LOL BTW, if you want the score... he is winning with Charmin, Puff and thick crust. I'm okay with Charmin now, but I love my Kleenex with Vicks!!! And we have compromised with the crust... we get hand tossed... not too thick, but it's definitely not thin. 


  1. hehe this is funny Joy and you're right the list will grow. But it sounds like you two have got compromising down :-)

  2. What a funny list! I think my a list with my boyfriend would look quite similar. You know what they say ... opposites really do attract!

  3. this is soo cute with my hubby and I it is Heinz vs. PC brand which I weirdly like better... then there are ALL PC products cause he LOATHES Superstores lol too chaotic

  4. How funny, and what fun to discover differences in each other! Ken and I have the same differences when it comes to pizza, so we alternate. Sometimes, you have to take one for the team!


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