My Top Ten iPhone Apps

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I know not everyone has an iPhone, but most have some type of phone where you can get apps. Some of these can be used on both types of phones, and others just on the iPhone. Now, please remember, these are just my top ten. I'm sure others have their favorites and you can comment below with yours! =)

This is the phone I have... the iPhone 4

My Top Ten iPhone Apps...
in no particular order

• Instagram (photography)

• Grid Lens (photography)

• Camera + (photography)

• Zip List (recipes & shopping lists)

• Pandora (music)

• Pinterest (diy inspiration)

• Zillow (house shopping)

• Tetris (game)

• Big Oven (recipes)

• Groupon (deals)


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  2. I just got an iPhone 4s a couple weeks ago and definitely agree with you about Pinterest, Pandora and Instagram, being some of my top apps as well. I'm starting to even become a little too obsessed with Pinterest, lol! I'm still getting used to being an iPhone user for the first time, so really I only have a couple top apps of my own so far. I like the usual Facebook, Twitter and my most favorite Dish Remote Access. I like DRA the most because I am away on business a lot with my job at Dish, so it helps keep me entertained in airports and such, by allowing me to view all of my favorite shows from back home, live or recorded, anywhere I go in the world! Thank you for your list…I’ll definitely be checking out Camera+ and Big Oven. :)


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