Organization 101

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Something about springtime makes me crave organization. Does it do the same for you? It seems that our kitchen table is the new catch all in the house. And I have had just about all of it I can stand.

So I googled "organization ideas" and found a lot of stuff that would be wonderful and "pinned" quite a few on my pinterest. However, I ended up going with this one... click to view pinterest board.

Here is what I ended up buying...
     • dish drainer ($9.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond)
     • cute file folders ($4.99 at Office Max)
     • label maker ($24.99 at Office Max... I'm pretty sure I'm the only wife on the planet who didn't already have one)

This is what it ended up looking like...

What do you think??

I'm so happy to have a home for all the million pens and markers, coupons, mail, stamps, thank you notes and other things we've had on the kitchen table and bar. Next, I'm tackling the hall closets.

BTW — I'm lovin' the label maker!! Not sure how I lived without one for so long. Ha!


  1. So cute. I may have to do the same thing. You are so creative.

  2. Cute idea! Where did you end up putting this? I don't have a label maker either...maybe I should invest :-)

    1. The label maker has gotten it's fair share of use over the past two days. Before long everything might have a label. LOL

  3. I am the same way and want to organize everything in the spring! Even more than my OCD self usually likes to organize :) Such a good idea to use a dish rack as an organizer!! And um I don't have a label maker!! Does this make me a bad wife?!?!


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