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Friday, May 25, 2012


the Sowell life's Friday five...

• Our first week in the apartment, and we've actually enjoyed it! Not that we are so excited about living in an apartment, but excited that we are finally together! We've enjoyed our evenings after the hubs gets home from work: having dinner together, watching tv together and snuggling together.

• I've started back reading, again and have been taking the kindle with me to the pool to soak up some Vitamin D. Only yesterdays pool time was cut short. I kept a close watch on a bug near me, but when I thought it was gone, it crawled on me and that ended my relaxing for the day.

• I made "crack brownies" on Monday. It's a must for this weekend, y'all. Head over to Sarah's blog to get the recipe. I saw it this past weekend on her instagram, but she blogged about it today! It IS a must!

• It's Memorial weekend!! The official start to summer. We are heading back to Meridian to see our family and friends. We have a few things to get back at our home there, and some of those things will fill up the hubs new "baby." He said it's like a refrigerator because led lights come on when you open the door! HA! Praying the traffic isn't awful today, and we plan to beat the traffic by coming home Sunday.

• Some of you took my suggestion and read Garbiel's Inferno... well, the sequel came out on Tuesday and it was even better than the first book! And yes, I read it in a day! Do you have any reading suggestions for me?

Whatever you have planned this weekend, I hope it's full of fun! Enjoy and Happy Memorial Weekend!!


  1. So happy to see how well you and Terry are growing together in your new life!!!

  2. Hey Joy! I found your blog on Megan Johnson's blog! Some great books I've read lately (most are free on my kindle) lifeboat no. 8, a little bit of déjà vu, marrying missy, the memory of you, and kissing adrien. If you like Christian authors. The 9/11 series and other books by Karen Kingsbury are great!


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