It's OK Thursday

Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's OK — with Amber

Its Ok Thursdays

... to drive over 360 miles in one day, especially when that means I get to have lunch with one of my besties!

... to stalk my Facebook, twitter, and even this blog. Just remember, not every post is about you. And if you are affected, then that must mean you're guilty of something.

... that I'm excited to have our first guests at our "Sweet Home Alabama" arriving today!

... to compare every book I've read since "Fifty" to that trilogy, because I haven't read anything as good as it, yet.  

... to try new recipes, and in the end admit that it's not a keeper. 

... that we've scoped out the nearby gas stations to see which ones sell coke icees.

... to be excited that Dance Moms new season comes back on next week.

... that today and tomorrow will be rainy days. The earth can use some rain, and my skin could probably use a break from sunning at the pool.  

Hope y'all have a wonderful Thursday, and enjoy this last day of May!  


  1. I found your blog through Neely's link-up! :) I'm your newest follower! Love your blog! I loved the Fifty Shades trilogy, too ;)


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