Meridian Eats... Griff's BBQ

Friday, May 25, 2012

On our way back to Meridian tonight, we were trying to decide what we would be having for dinner. A couple of things rolled off our tongues, but then Terry had a suggestion:  what about the place in the old Lonnie and Pats location? As soon as he said it, I told him I had just seen on fb where The Price's dined there last night and sang their praises. So we found out their hours, and drove straight to Griff's as we got into town.

We both got the pulled pork sandwich, LaLa's potatoes and baked beans. First off, the pulled pork was the best I've ever had. It was tender and flavorful. The bbq sauce was sweet and delicious — just how I like it. The potatoes were smashed red potatoes with sour cream and cheese, and the baked beans weren't my favorite, but then again, I tend to like mine better than anyone else's.

They also offer catering, and are taking orders for ribs for your Memorial Day gatherings. And he said he tried his best to keep the old Lonnie and Pat hamburgers just like they use to make them. If you haven't been, then you are missing out on Meridian's best bbq. Let me know if you've been, or when you do try it out!

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