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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our nieces started playing softball a few weeks ago at the Northeast Complex and last night, I finally had a moment to go watch them play. Hannah's game was at 6 and Emma's was at 8. Hannah gives it her all and made two great plays and got on base!

In the end they lost 11-6, but I think Hannah loves playing. And, I think she will become a pretty good ball player soon!

Next up, Emma's game. Now, this was entertaining. This age group had their coach pitch for them and all the players played. I'm pretty sure I counted at least 5 outfielders. =)

Emma was in the outfield, and apparently this is how outfielders play... (when I asked her what she was doing, she said she was "swatting at huge flies!"

Emma's first time at bat, she hit the ball and got to second base!

The second time at bat, well... just watch the video below...

She's fine, but it scared her pretty good. Emma's team lost by one run. However, I think her love for softball might evolve, one day.

It was a long night, but it was fun watching all the girls play. I remember when I played many, MANY years ago all the chatter... you know "hey batter batter, swing." Well, they have come up with quite a few more and they go on and on and on. =)

Thanks girls for letting me come watch y'all play!


  1. They have gotten QUITE colorful in the dugout, lol.

    I'm glad Emma's okay, I'm sure it did scare the daylights out of her.

    They look super adorable in their softball "uniforms", even if Hannah does play for Orkin ;-)

    1. HA, her daddy works for Orkin! And he's the first base coach on their team. =)
      Yes, the chatter was entertaining — long, drawn out entertaining.

    2. If her daddy works for Orkin he probably knows my hubby. They talk across companies on occasion, go to the same conferences and what not, lol.

  2. I remember those days...so much fun!!!


  3. Bless her heart! I am sure that hurt! I totally understand swatting at big flies in the outfield. I probably looked a lot like Emma! I would just play in the dirt! Ha! Fun times! Nothing like the the ol' ball field!


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