Thankful Thursdays

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Every day I have something actually a lot to be thankful for, and I decided to link up with The Ramblings of Mrs. Hargrave to share some of the things this Thursday.

{I'm thankful} I woke up this morning to find my headache that has been lingering from earlier in the week, gone, and that I slept more than three hours last night. I actually feel rested.

{I'm thankful} for sweet friends checking in on me because they knew something was wrong. Just a simple "how are you" can make the day better, even if it's not.

{I'm thankful} for the hubs. Plain and simple. Every day he makes the smallest of things, the best of things. Life during the week is not the same as when he walks through the door on Fridays. It's possibly the best feeling in the world.

{I'm thankful} to have rekindled my love for reading on non other than a kindle.

{I'm thankful} for the sweet smells of spring. Whether it's coming from outside or from one of my scentsy warmers, the smells of spring and summer have me smiling.

{I'm thankful} for words of encouragement.

{I'm thankful} for music. No matter what the day is like, there is always a song to make the day a little better.

{I'm thankful} for this blog and it's readers.

Every one has something to be thankful for... have you stopped to think of the things you are thankful for today? You'll find me linking up with Ryan today and if you want to do the same, I'll see you there.

Have a wonderful Thursday, y'all!


  1. I'm pretty sure I agree with ALL of your thankfuls! Love, love, love!

    Particularly this one "Every day he makes the smallest things, the best of things." Amen for wonderful husbands! :)

  2. So true, Joy! I love this list! I believe that finding joy in the smallest things, really does make our days feel better!


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