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Monday, May 21, 2012

Where do I begin? As most of you know the Mr took a job in Pelham, Ala. back in November, and we knew we would eventually move "full time" to that area sometime after the wedding. We've been house hunting since December, and even though there are thousands of homes on the market, we have a lengthy checklist and simply will not settle until we find "our" perfect home. So since our wedding in March, we have been living apart, him in Pelham and me in Meridian. Do you know how hard that is? Well, we finally decided that we had enough of just weekends together, and over a month ago, started searching for an apartment. Our biggest criteria in that search was finding one that would let us out of our lease when we do find "our" perfect home. And our second criteria was having a bottom floor unit. After talking with four or five apartments, we finally found one that met our biggest need. And the second time we met with them they were able to meet our want of a bottom floor unit!

Last week was hectic as I hired movers and packed, but in the end, everything worked out perfectly. The move went very smooth and we couldn't have asked for it to have gone any quicker. Friday, the movers were there at 9:30 and we were packed, loaded and on the road in an hour. Yes, you read that correct! They had a mission and made it happen. After lunch we arrived at the apartment and met the Mr and unloaded. And I'm happy to report if you were to come in, you won't see any boxes, storage bins, or even a trace of bubble wrap.

While unpacking the kitchen bins (most of it gifts from our wedding) I found the cards to go with the gifts. It was overwhelming to reread all those cards and feel the love that we felt at our wedding shower and reception. Here's one of the cards from we found yesterday from our niece, Hannah.

We had a "few" things to buy to complete the apartment (we left a good bit at our house in Meridian, because we will still be back and forth until it sells) and one of those items we needed was bedding for our guest room. Now we are prepared for guests.

Btw, found that comforter set at Target on clearance. Yay for a bargain on a very cute, summery comforter!

And probably my least favorite event of the weekend was "stocking the pantry." Why? Because we had to start over. As I mentioned before, we are still in Meridian, too, so we left the kitchen stocked so we can cook there as well. I didn't get everything we will need, but it's a start.

Thankfully, we have a Publix a half mile away so we can get those other items quickly if needed.

Last night I cooked our first meal here and it's not the kitchen that I'm use to, but it is huge for an apartment and I don't mind being in there. We celebrated three years of dating yesterday by getting this place feeling more like home. No, we won't be here forever. However, once inside the apartment, you'd think you were sitting in a field on five acres. It's sooooo quiet. We are still looking for "our" perfect home, but we are okay living here for awhile. One thing we learned during this move (even though it wasn't bad at all) the next time we move, we will be staying for a long, long time. That's why we are making sure we get everything we want in "our" search for "our" perfect home.  

I've been asked for pictures of our apartment life, and I will try to do that once we put the finishing touches on it. However, today I'm resting my left foot. I apparently did something to it during the move and it's been swollen and hurting for the past day and a half. So I'm taking it easy today until time to cook dinner for the hubs.

Well, that should have y'all caught up for now. Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your foot Joy, but I'm so glad y'all are together in your new home, even if it is temporary. Looking forward to more pictures!

  2. Awwww!
    This really started my day off on a good step. :)
    It reminded me of all the memories I made while living in an apartment in Nashville TN. An apartment isn't always an ideal place to call home, but there are some memories that just can't be made anywhere else. (Like setting off the smoke detector EVERY time I cooked. Haha!)
    I hope you two find your dream home soon, but untilled then, I hope you'll make some fun memories at your new apartment. :)
    God Bless,
    Ashley M.

  3. We have the same comforter! Love it! Congrats on the apt and finding what you wanted!!!

  4. Glad everything went smoothly (sans your foot-hope that gets to feeling better!) The brownies will probably help :)


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