A Wonderful Weekend...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Seems we all live for the weekend, and who can blame us when the weekends are so much fun. Here is our weekend, bullet form.

• Friday night, I was craving Mugshots. So the hubs picked up our order on his way to our home. It was delicious, but that was the first time I've ate that much in a long time. I was miserable afterwards! =)

• We called it an early evening and were in the bed by 8. He was exhausted, and since I hadn't slept good the entire week, I was more than happy to snuggle up and get some restful sleep.

• Saturday was Cinco de Mayo and we did a little celebrating at El Norte at lunch. Thankfully the festivities weren't in full swing, so it was a relaxing and quiet lunch. Afterwards, we did a little grocery shopping. There is nothing like grocery shopping with the hubs... I think I laughed the entire time.
• Saturday afternoon brought a mountain of laundry the Mr brought home. I don't mind doing our laundry, I actually enjoy it. Nothing gives me more anxiety than having dirty clothes everywhere. And that evening... we celebrated being southern. Comfort food at it's best — fried chicken, loaded mashed potatoes, cajun green beans and homemade cornbread.

• Sunday morning we had an early lunch with the hubs folks at Mugshots, again. The Rayburn's Rajun Chicken is delicious. Y'all should try it, along with their amazing mashed potatoes. After an afternoon of ironing the Mr's work clothes for the week, we got ready for a fun evening.

• Sunday evening brought an evening of food, fun and fellowship with some sweet friends. The hubs manned the grill and I had things rocking in the kitchen. Nothing makes me smile more than entertaining and talking with friends while working away in the kitchen. You never know where are conversations are going to go, but laughing til you cry seems to always take place. =) And last night's guests had me smiling  long after they left. What would our lives be without true friendships?

How was your weekend? I hope it was a wonderful and one that makes you smile just thinking about it. Have a wonderful week, y'all!!


  1. Oh Joy that sounds like a wonderful (and delicious) weekend! I bet it makes Mondays tough!

  2. Sounds perfect, Joy! How much fun! I love that share the love of food and husbands! What would we do without either! May you have a restful week!

  3. Can I come eat with you next weekend?! Everything you listed has me drooling!!


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