2012 Father's Day Recap

Monday, June 18, 2012

It doesn't feel like summer begins until we celebrate Father's Day, and yesterday, we got the fun started. We headed to DeKalb to Papaw's house to enjoy time with our family.

There is always good food, and I mean really good food. Mrs. Betty makes the best homemade bread, and I sampled some of her fried chicken yesterday, too. Mom and Aunt Beth brought some yummy food, too. We ate so much that we didn't even partake in dessert!

One of my favorite things about Papaw's house — he greets us at the door with his arms wide open for the first of many hugs!!

 We got there a few minutes before everyone, because we had to leave early to head back to Bham. (Disney World tonight!) We enjoyed chatting and catching up with Papaw, Mrs Betty, Aunt Beth and Uncle Bob.

And then, all the cousins finally arrived!

We had a great Father's Day. It was exhausting from all the driving, but we wouldn't have missed our family time for anything!! Hope y'all had a great weekend.

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