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Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm pretty sure my feet aren't in agreement with the above statement/title, but we are back and had a wonderful time on our Disney vacation. I'll just go ahead and warn you that this post (and the next few after this one) will be FULL of pictures. And I weeded out almost half of them. LOL

We flew out Monday afternoon and arrived pretty late to our resort. After a bite to eat (and our luggage arrival at 12:45 am) we got in the bed to get ready for a full day of fun and excitement the next day.

Our first part of Tuesday was at Magic Kingdom...
This was the Mr's first trip to Disney. And, I think he enjoyed himself! ;)
While the girls, the Mr and bil were riding a ride... the mil, sil and I found Chip and Dale.
Waiting to ride the teacups!! (My favorite ride!)
These two cuties (nieces, Emma and Hannah) rode it with us!
On the ferry to our next stop... Animal Kingdom
The rest of our crew... Richie (bil), Cathy (sil), Judy (mil) & Emma and Hannah (the nieces).
Stay tuned... more Disney posts to come. =)

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  1. Fun stuff! I am sure that you have many great memories from this trip! I hope your foot feels better!


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