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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saturday morning I woke up to the news that Mar Belle had a hurt mouth. She loves Wagon Tail bones and apparently one punctured her gums Thursday. Mom took her to see Mrs Misty at Til Newell on Friday because she was still bleeding. =( They took blood and did a work up to make sure everything was okay. At the time of the phone call, she didn't know the results of the blood work. So what do I do??? CRY! I was so worried about her. I may not have given birth to her, but she is still my baby and I worry about her just like any other mother does with a child they care for.

Mom said she got the all clear around lunch on Saturday and I was so relieved. Later that afternoon, we headed out to have a Father's Day celebration with my dad. First thing after we got there was run to MB to love on her — the Mr giving her belly rubs and me giving her lots of kisses! If I wasn't holding her that afternoon and night, she was right beside me.

My little sad sack...
Darby asked me to give her some lovin from her, Tomlin and little "big" Roo. 
Terry did the grilling, and dad and MB sat outside with him to help "man" the grill.
Terry grilled ribeyes, chicken and burgers. I made loaded mashed potatoes and mom fixed the baked beans. Mom also picked up this ice cream cake from DQ. They didn't have one without something "golf" on it, so she bought this one. The large space in the middle is from where she scrapped off the golf memorabilia. Because we all know my dad doesn't golf. =)

This little squirt wanted my piece of ice cream cake. Don't worry, she enjoyed her fair share of the vanilla part! ;)


She still can't have any of her bones for a few more days, so last night — this was what she did to ALL of us. It was so hard not to give in.

Once it was time to leave, she was sacked out.

Thanks for all your well wishes on Facebook and twitter. I think she is finally starting to feel better.


  1. I am SOOO glad that MB is fine!!! Phew what a relief! Poor little girl wanted her greenie!!!

    PS love that anti-golf cake lol

  2. So SO glad she is starting to feel better!!


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