Dear Dance Moms...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yes, I'll admit it... I love to watch this show. I watch the drama, over and over and over every week. I think it's fun to watch their different dances and to see what outfits they will wear next. Why? I took dance for six years and I enjoy watching it. No, it's not everyone's cup of tea, yet I'm not the only one who watches it!

So my question to these dance moms... why don't you change dance studios? I know most of the drama is for the show on Lifetime, but I follow these moms on twitter, too, and they are always complaining about Abby Lee Miller. And, who has all the money to fly to a different competition every weekend, and stay out on a school night practicing til eleven every night of the week?

Here's why I ask this question... I can tell you that as a future parent (not expecting currently) to a possible little girl (hey there's always a 50/50 chance, right?) that I would never put my child through this kind of drama. Nor would I  tolerate anyone yelling at me or my child in our faces. Maybe it's for the money, maybe it's for the fame, but maybe, just maybe it should be about the kids?!?!



  1. I agree with you! My daughter starts dance this month! I would not tolerate that but like you said they prob do it for money and attention!

  2. I love this show especially for the drama. I love watching someone else's drama LOL For a second I thought you were expecting!! I just creamed and woke the pups!


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