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Monday, July 30, 2012

We've known we were closing on our new house for a few weeks, and we also knew we were going to do some renos as soon as we signed on the dotted line. (Technically we signed a million times, and it was on a straight line. LOL) While we know exactly what we want to do to the new house, we wanted to make sure what we were picking went together, looked good, etc. And there was no one better to ask than our sweet and precious friend, Abs!! She is Miss Creative USA and also believes in the value of the dollar.

So Friday, she drove all the way from NOLA to Birmingham to help us finalize our decisions, and to have a little fun! And, because she's a cupcake fan... I went to Edgars (which I just found out is right by my office) and picked out some cupcakes for her arrival.

clockwise... salted caramel (which the Mr calls "salty dog"), root beer, red velvet, and white russian...

But before we could dig into these, we had dinner at J. Alexanders.

We all three had steak, but I decided on the filet. Y'all, that steak was perfect, and that volcano of mashed potatoes were divine. Too bad I couldn't eat it all!!

After dinner, we went to the new house for Abs to get a good look at what we would need help with the following day. Let's just say the drive back to the house was a memory in itself. You know you're best friends when driving down the interstate, me in the passenger seat taking the wheel so she can take pictures of a perfect rainbow. Then laughing til we hurt all the way to the house.

And after we devoured the cupcakes back at the apartment, we all crashed. It was a long week for the Mr and I, but we didn't drive near about the miles that Abs did.

We let her sleep as long as we could, but I'm pretty sure all the noise I was making in the kitchen making breakfast had her up earlier than she wanted to be. (I wanted her fueled and ready to go!)

We made a lot of stops, and I do mean a lot. But in the end, we found some steals on lighting, and brought back to the house pints of paint to see if we really liked it on the walls. We also got everything just about planned out for the renos. We made a LOT of decisions yesterday which drained us completely!!! But poor Abs had to suffer with all the terrific finds stuffed next to her in the back seat on the way home.

And she didn't have a problem with it until we made the big left turn off the interstate and all the boxes came crashing on top of her!

Once back at the house, the Mr unloaded the fab finds and we started putting the paint on the walls to see if we really loved it.

And we did!! The top left is one of the bathroom colors, the right is another bathroom color (the farthest green to the right is the one we picked) and the bottom left is our kitchen color (gray)!! The entire inside of the house is painted Lenox Tan, and we plan to keep most of the rooms that color for the time being. The house is a 5/3 with a living room, dining room and a huge laundry room... so we figured three rooms of color was enough right now. Of course, I can't wait to see the paint now after it has finally dried with a second coat, and see the rooms after the professionals get it painted completely!!

We said goodbye to our Aborito, but in five short weeks she'll be back to see everything we picked installed and done!! We came back to the apartment and realized what a whirlwind of a day it was and... crashed.

Sunday, we had a lot to accomplish. We had to get an idea of what appliances and furniture were going in the house. But before we could start that process... we had to get our grub on.

We've been wanting to eat here, and we finally tried it out! The music was pumping, and the food wasn't bad either.

Actually, the food was pretty yummy. One of the best burgers I've had next to the Mr's. And the menu has tons to choose from... so we will be back!

And after a long afternoon of looking at couches, fridges and other fun stuff. We decided to call it a day and go home.

We got a lot accomplished, but there is still so much more to do. I guess that's what next weekend is for. =)

Hope y'all are having a wonderful end to July!


  1. What fun! It is great to have a best friend that can help with everything! Love the colors! So bright and cheery!

  2. Love the colors!

    FYI...I'm starving now, thanks =)


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