Countertops, we've got countertops!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

We had more progress made today at the new house. Along with our new kitchen appliances being delivered, our granite was installed this afternoon!!

Remember the downstairs guest bath I talked about from this past weekend? Here is the granite... we just need the plumber to come and hook up our new faucets and new toilet and this room will be complete!

The master bath is beginning to look like a master bath again... only better! I love our rectangle sinks and unique granite.

There is still a bit more left in the master bath to complete, but it has come a long way!!

And now, my favorite room in the house...

THE KITCHEN!! These photos don't do the granite justice! It's stunning! Tomorrow they will finish the backsplash, and the plumber and electrician will come in to hook up the appliances, lights, plugs, etc. We're almost there!!

So, what do you think about the granite? The Mr gets to sell this beautiful, natural stone every day. And,  even though he sells granite — we were just like any other customer. After we picked our granite, we waited to have our templates made... then our granite was put into production. After a week and a half, they were installed — and they are worth every penny.

A little preview...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Every day I walk in our new home I get a little more excited. Today, I walked in the garage and smelt paint... I beat the Mr up the stairs to see what was painted. And.... all I could say was... "I got my gray kitchen, I got my gray kitchen!!" I fought hard for this color. The hubs wasn't too sure about a gray room, and Abs kept saying to keep it the original color, but I kept saying gray!

Well, today, I finally won the hubs over with the gray color. His exact words... "I'm glad I picked this color." lol He didn't pick it, but he definitely agreed it was the perfect color for our kitchen. Want to know the color... it's Benjamin Moore – Platinum Gray!

Now, this is only the first coat, but I think it looks great! Tomorrow the appliances are delivered. I can't wait to walk in and see it all together. And don't worry, I'll give y'all a sneak peak, too! ;)

We bought Lowe's out of cabinet knobs last night, so I had to run to another Lowe's at lunch to finish getting the knobs for the kitchen. Yep, we needed 36 knobs! That's a lot of cabinets in our kitchen, y'all!

Monday morning, the tile guys started on the master bath. The floors were done on Monday, half the shower was tiled yesterday, and today, the entire shower was finished. (Minus the grout.)

Tomorrow they finish the tub, shower floor, grout, and place out bench in the shower. I'm very anxious to see it all come together.

So, what do y'all think so far? I can tell you it's beyond my wildest dreams!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Today is my mom's birthday. And since we couldn't be in Meridian today to help her celebrate... we celebrated while they were here last weekend. I cooked fried chicken, loaded mashed potatoes, green beans and cornbread for her birthday dinner. Then... we had dessert!

Edgars Bakery is known here in Birmingham to be the best bakery in town. And, I believe it! This is the second time we've ordered something from the Pelham location and we haven't been disappointed, yet! This cake wasn't good... it was sooo delicious! And, the best part was it wasn't too sweet. This is called their "sundae cake."

There were four layers...(starting from the bottom) chocolate with chocolate chips, yellow, chocolate again and then yellow again!  The top was a yummy buttercream icing with carmel and chocolate drizzled over it. We all enjoyed it... a couple of times, and sent the rest of the cake home with mom and dad.

Happy Birthday MOM! We hope you are enjoying your birthday.

Our weekend in an instagram...

Monday, August 20, 2012

This weekend has been a busy one, just like the previous four. However, we had a little help this weekend as we try to get everything done for the big move next weekend. My parents came in to help get things started while the Mr and I were working on Friday. When we got to the house Friday evening, this is what we found...

The tile guys were hard it at on Friday as they finished out the kitchen floor. It looks so good!!

I was going to help mom paint the downstairs guest bath on Saturday, but she knocked it out while I was hard at work on Friday.

Mom, dad and the Mr wasn't too sure about the color when it first went on the wall, however once it dried they all came around to "liking" it. It's not as orange as it looks, in person.

Saturday morning, mom and I got started touching up the paint on the trim around the doors and while we were knee deep in white paint... the Mr and my dad were changing the door hardware...

We have twenty inside doors in our house. So... that meant we had to buy everything to change out all the gold doorknobs and hardware to the new oil rubbed bronze hardware. The downstairs is completed, and most of the upstairs has been updated.

While all of this was taking place... this little one was getting snuggly in a blanket...

Mid afternoon on Saturday it was time to say goodbye to the parents and kiss little MB. She is finally starting to adjust to the new house. I think her favorite part is running up and down the stairs. =)

Sunday, we went back to do more work — the Mr changing out my hinges, etc. and me painting the downstairs doors.

The couple that lived there before we bought the house had five, yep five kids! And apparently those kids LOOOOVED to write on the back of their doors. The oldest girl must have let her friends sign the back of her door every time they came over. I wish I would have taken a before picture, but I thought of it right after I painted the first door. By that time I was on a roll and had paint all over my fingers. =)

This was our last weekend in the apartment. Ready or not... (which I'm hoping for the ready) we move next weekend. I'm so excited to see it all come together this week!!

Utilizing the old with the new...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

We've been replacing a lot of the stuff at the house with new... except for the downstairs guest bathroom mirror. We had a plan for the mirror, but I changed my mind at the last minute.

Back in 2005 when I left my job in Meridian to move to Jackson, I was given a gift card from my co-workers at Pioneer. They knew I had bought my first home and they gave me that card to buy something for my house to remember them by. Well, that mirror was what I bought. And to this day, it has always hung in my home... from Jackson to Meridian, from Meridian to Alabaster!

Yesterday, my dad and the Mr hung it in our downstairs guest bath. It was the perfect addition to that room. With the new hardware, the new paint and now the addition of this mirror... the bath is almost complete! This week, the granite will be installed and I can't wait to show y'all this before and after... it's dramatic!!

And we have light...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

fixtures hung!

Tonight, we did our daily snoop around the house, and we were pleasantly surprised to see even more things started, and finished!!

The electrician came today and hung some of our light fixtures!!

These are the beauties that we picked out yesterday from the last blog post found here. They look awesome on our deck!! I can't wait to sit outside and read under these.

Then we moved in the house to see our new ceiling fans hung in our living room and master bedroom!

I loved them when we bought them, but I'm in love with them hung the two rooms. 

And then we have the dining room... 

These are the very first lights we bought when Abs was here back in July. One of the light bulbs broke... hence the light out on the end. Maybe one day we will have a dining room table under it and host our families over for a holiday dinner.

Of course, we have the MarBelle visiting us, and she went with us to the house to check it all out. The shower was mudded today, and she almost made her mark with paw prints in it... however, I got to her and picked her up before that happened. We had to shut the door to the shower while we were looking around the rest of the house, so she pouted.

Yesterday was her first visit to the new house... she wasn't too pumped because none of her stuff was there. Today, she warmed up to it a little more. When we backed out of the driveway, she was still taking it all in...

The tile work begins tomorrow... I'm hoping for big results when we walk in tomorrow evening!!

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We still have a good bit of decisions left to make before we move in the house. And since most of the businesses we are purchasing these fine little details from close at 5... we either have to do it on lunch breaks, or by text messages.

This is how today's decisions were made on the outdoor ceiling fans for the deck...

Hubs... "hey, I found our ceiling fans... I know what I like, but I'm sending you three pictures and you pick which one you like...."

This is the ceiling fan he picked which I loved... 

Next came the blades...

I picked the one to the left of the two with stickers (middle blade)... I tell him and he said, that's perfect because that's the one I wanted.

Then came the light fixtures...

I picked the top left (the first one you can see all of the light fixture) and that was the one he liked best, too.

So in just a few minutes time, and a few text messages back and forth... our outdoor ceiling fans were picked out.

Gotta love technology, and a husband and wife who have similar, but great taste! ;)

Our weekend in an instagram...

Monday, August 13, 2012

We are knee deep in our home renovations, so we both knew what this weekend would hold for us. Friday evening, we kinda took it easy to rest up for two full, busy days that were ahead of us.

Saturday morning, we got a semi early start and headed over to the house to meet the roofer. We needed a vent resealed, and while the Mr was outside with the roofers... I was inside sitting on the floor looking at this...

I kicked my shoes off, sat on the new carpet and leaned against wall to daydream. I could almost hear the laughter of friends, the sound of a mixer in the kitchen... I could almost see the furniture in place, the future over the next few years with many happy times ahead, the house decorated for the holidays and so much more. It made it smile... it made me laugh... it made me soooo proud!

The daydreaming ended with the Mr coming to get me for us to head to Benjamin Moore Paint to pick up our flooring for the kitchen, and the flooring and walls for our master bath. I'm not sure what we were thinking when we didn't have it delivered, but we won't be making that mistake again. We had to make two trips because the load was sooooo heavy.

And que, the laughter...

After the hubs loaded the tile for the master bath in the back of the truck, we headed back to our house to unload. He had already picked them up off the pallet and placed them in the back of the truck, so I told him if he would hand them to me, I'll place them in the garage on the floor. The first few were heavy, but I managed. Then we got to some of the boxes that had gotten wet. He hands me the first wet box, I turn to walk over and place them on top of another box.... the box gives way and I fall to the ground praying I don't drop them. Somewhere in the mix, the hubs saw me going down and he jumped from the truck.... his foot somehow managed to get right underneath my right knee and I landed on it.... hard. By this point we were both laughing, hysterical. I asked him if I broke his foot, he said it was numb, but not broken. However, he was happy to have a numb foot. He said if it hadn't been there, I would have cracked my knee.

Stupid wet boxes!!

We started again and I did pretty good until I got my hands on the next wet box! This time Terry couldn't get down quick enough and I landed on my wrist. The laughter made me forget about the pain, and we kept going until we had the bed of the truck emptied.

Then we had to head back to BMP to load the 20x20 tile for the kitchen. At this point we were sweaty, tired and sore. But the flooring, walls, and the glass and stone boarder is at the house and ready for them to put down.

We took a short break to get a bite for lunch, and then it was time for our weekly date at Lowes. To get us fueled and hydrated, we stopped for these...

The next three hours were filled with lights, faucets, etc as we got the majority of the things we needed for the electrician and the plumber to began this week.

If we were asked one time, we were asked ten times... "redecorating?" To which we replied.... remodeling!

After unloading at the house... we called it a night. We needed some rest before another day of fun.

Sunday morning brought exactly what we feared.... pain and soreness. Let's just say, we didn't need a crazy workout to make us hurt... this remodeling is more than we could ever need.

We celebrated five months of wedded bliss at.... Lowes, again! This time, we had a mission for toilets! Of course, we went ahead and got door knobs, hinges, etc. too!

We are pretty sure they know us by name by now... Saturday the guy said y'all have been in here before... I recognize y'all! HA! If he only knew!!

But, we did manage to find our toilets!!! (We have three bathrooms, but we aren't remodeling one until Spring 2013.)

We got everything home and unloaded to their new locations in the house and went home to crash. Kinda looking forward to going back to work so we can get some rest. We're getting closer to the end, y'all!!!

Enjoy your week!

5 months and counting...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Can it really be five months since we said "i do" in Jamaica? Really? Time is flying by, and every day gets sweeter and sweeter.

Here are a few highlights from our five months together...

• we moved into our first apartment as Mr and Mrs
• the Mrs got a new job
• we went to Disney World as Mr and Mrs
• we bought out first home as Mr and Mrs
• we started our first major project together, the remodeling of our new home

Our weekend of celebrating has been one for the books. We have laughed so much this weekend, and at each other's expense. I'll have a complete run down of our weekend on the blog soon. You're sure to laugh as much as we have.

To the one who makes my heart beat faster... We've been together for over three years, but these last five months as your wife have made me the happiest I've ever been. I love our sweet southern life we are living. And if today is anything like yesterday... we are sure to be doubled over in laughter most of the day. I love you, and I mean it... always! Now, let's go pick out our toilets! =)

What I'm cooking... Crockpot BBQ Chicken

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dinner these days have to be quick and easy with the schedule we are keeping. Even though today was Saturday, we were hard at it all day long. So, between trips back and forth to the new house... I put dinner in the crockpot to make our (my) evening a bit less stressful. Seriously, this might be the easiest meal ever.

What you'll need...

• chicken breasts
• a lemon
• a sweet onion
• a bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce
• a can of a sugary cola
• your crockpot
• and a rumbly tummy
Peel your onion and cut it into quarters. Do the same with your lemon. Place your chicken in the crockpot, and toss in the onions and lemon quarters. Pour the entire bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce in the crockpot on top of the ingredients already in there. Next, pour in your can of your favorite dark, sugary drink. We used one of the Mr's caffeine free cokes. Cook on low for 4 to 5 hours (or until chicken is tender and done). If you are in a hurry you can cook it on high for a couple of hours. Soon you'll start to smell that aroma coming from the kitchen.

I paired it with some loaded smashed potatoes and bakes beans, but you could easily incorporate your favorite side dishes with this main course. And the best part... the chicken makes for delicious leftover sandwiches the next day.

Christmas in July...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Yes, I know it's August, but they were actually bought in July. We just didn't have them delivered until August. And who knew one could get so excited about these...

me that's who!!

Have you bought a washer and dryer recently? There are so many options, but I'll tell you what we were looking for when we began our search.

• massive capacity, and I do mean massive
• lots of cycles (heavy, towels, sanitary, delicate, hand wash, etc)
• quiet
• clothes that didn't come out with as many wrinkles than when they went in
• energy efficient
• and so much more...

If you ask the Mr, he will tell you that I live to do laundry. And I'll tell you that I can't stand to see clothes piled up in baskets, on the floor, etc. Since we have been in the apartment, our little washer and dryer doesn't hold much of a load. So I'm doing about twice the normal amount. Now, I haven't actually washed or dried our first loads yet, but when they were delivered, they did do a test run on both of them. They were sooo quiet. I don't mind doing laundry, but I'm actually excited to finally get to use them after we move in!!

A book review...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Since I've been working, and we've been finalizing the details of our new home... I haven't had much time to read. But, I finally got to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies this past weekend as we traveled. And as you know, I only tell y'all about the books I think you'll love as much as I did.

My neighbor from Meridian actually told me about this book a while back. I downloaded it as soon as she sent me the info, but wasn't able to sit and enjoy it until a few weeks later. First, this was another book I couldn't put down. Second, the sequel comes out for the kindle on Aug.31. Plus, you can click here... and read the first four chapters of her new book, Love Unrehearsed. I've already finished her sneak peak and can't wait for the 31st to get here!

A little overview without giving it all away... Love Unscripted is about a movie star shooting a movie in a small Rhode Island town, where everyone is head over heels in love with him, but one girl.  

Yep, that's all you get because I want y'all to read it. You won't regret it, I promise!
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