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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Every day I walk in our new home I get a little more excited. Today, I walked in the garage and smelt paint... I beat the Mr up the stairs to see what was painted. And.... all I could say was... "I got my gray kitchen, I got my gray kitchen!!" I fought hard for this color. The hubs wasn't too sure about a gray room, and Abs kept saying to keep it the original color, but I kept saying gray!

Well, today, I finally won the hubs over with the gray color. His exact words... "I'm glad I picked this color." lol He didn't pick it, but he definitely agreed it was the perfect color for our kitchen. Want to know the color... it's Benjamin Moore – Platinum Gray!

Now, this is only the first coat, but I think it looks great! Tomorrow the appliances are delivered. I can't wait to walk in and see it all together. And don't worry, I'll give y'all a sneak peak, too! ;)

We bought Lowe's out of cabinet knobs last night, so I had to run to another Lowe's at lunch to finish getting the knobs for the kitchen. Yep, we needed 36 knobs! That's a lot of cabinets in our kitchen, y'all!

Monday morning, the tile guys started on the master bath. The floors were done on Monday, half the shower was tiled yesterday, and today, the entire shower was finished. (Minus the grout.)

Tomorrow they finish the tub, shower floor, grout, and place out bench in the shower. I'm very anxious to see it all come together.

So, what do y'all think so far? I can tell you it's beyond my wildest dreams!


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