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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

fixtures hung!

Tonight, we did our daily snoop around the house, and we were pleasantly surprised to see even more things started, and finished!!

The electrician came today and hung some of our light fixtures!!

These are the beauties that we picked out yesterday from the last blog post found here. They look awesome on our deck!! I can't wait to sit outside and read under these.

Then we moved in the house to see our new ceiling fans hung in our living room and master bedroom!

I loved them when we bought them, but I'm in love with them hung the two rooms. 

And then we have the dining room... 

These are the very first lights we bought when Abs was here back in July. One of the light bulbs broke... hence the light out on the end. Maybe one day we will have a dining room table under it and host our families over for a holiday dinner.

Of course, we have the MarBelle visiting us, and she went with us to the house to check it all out. The shower was mudded today, and she almost made her mark with paw prints in it... however, I got to her and picked her up before that happened. We had to shut the door to the shower while we were looking around the rest of the house, so she pouted.

Yesterday was her first visit to the new house... she wasn't too pumped because none of her stuff was there. Today, she warmed up to it a little more. When we backed out of the driveway, she was still taking it all in...

The tile work begins tomorrow... I'm hoping for big results when we walk in tomorrow evening!!

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