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Thursday, August 23, 2012

We had more progress made today at the new house. Along with our new kitchen appliances being delivered, our granite was installed this afternoon!!

Remember the downstairs guest bath I talked about from this past weekend? Here is the granite... we just need the plumber to come and hook up our new faucets and new toilet and this room will be complete!

The master bath is beginning to look like a master bath again... only better! I love our rectangle sinks and unique granite.

There is still a bit more left in the master bath to complete, but it has come a long way!!

And now, my favorite room in the house...

THE KITCHEN!! These photos don't do the granite justice! It's stunning! Tomorrow they will finish the backsplash, and the plumber and electrician will come in to hook up the appliances, lights, plugs, etc. We're almost there!!

So, what do you think about the granite? The Mr gets to sell this beautiful, natural stone every day. And,  even though he sells granite — we were just like any other customer. After we picked our granite, we waited to have our templates made... then our granite was put into production. After a week and a half, they were installed — and they are worth every penny.


  1. Beautiful, Joy! So unique, and I can tell that you are estactic over all this progress! I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Gorgeous! I'm a teensy bit jealous of that fabulous kitchen.

  3. Gorgeous! You're moving this weekend right? Good luck! Praying for a smooth and fun move!

  4. I have seen both of those tops in person (with my job) and can attest to their beauty!

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