Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We still have a good bit of decisions left to make before we move in the house. And since most of the businesses we are purchasing these fine little details from close at 5... we either have to do it on lunch breaks, or by text messages.

This is how today's decisions were made on the outdoor ceiling fans for the deck...

Hubs... "hey, I found our ceiling fans... I know what I like, but I'm sending you three pictures and you pick which one you like...."

This is the ceiling fan he picked which I loved... 

Next came the blades...

I picked the one to the left of the two with stickers (middle blade)... I tell him and he said, that's perfect because that's the one I wanted.

Then came the light fixtures...

I picked the top left (the first one you can see all of the light fixture) and that was the one he liked best, too.

So in just a few minutes time, and a few text messages back and forth... our outdoor ceiling fans were picked out.

Gotta love technology, and a husband and wife who have similar, but great taste! ;)


  1. Thank goodness for technology to help you!

  2. clearly i don't own a home because i had no idea you could create the fan that you actually like, i just thought they came as is


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