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Monday, August 13, 2012

We are knee deep in our home renovations, so we both knew what this weekend would hold for us. Friday evening, we kinda took it easy to rest up for two full, busy days that were ahead of us.

Saturday morning, we got a semi early start and headed over to the house to meet the roofer. We needed a vent resealed, and while the Mr was outside with the roofers... I was inside sitting on the floor looking at this...

I kicked my shoes off, sat on the new carpet and leaned against wall to daydream. I could almost hear the laughter of friends, the sound of a mixer in the kitchen... I could almost see the furniture in place, the future over the next few years with many happy times ahead, the house decorated for the holidays and so much more. It made it smile... it made me laugh... it made me soooo proud!

The daydreaming ended with the Mr coming to get me for us to head to Benjamin Moore Paint to pick up our flooring for the kitchen, and the flooring and walls for our master bath. I'm not sure what we were thinking when we didn't have it delivered, but we won't be making that mistake again. We had to make two trips because the load was sooooo heavy.

And que, the laughter...

After the hubs loaded the tile for the master bath in the back of the truck, we headed back to our house to unload. He had already picked them up off the pallet and placed them in the back of the truck, so I told him if he would hand them to me, I'll place them in the garage on the floor. The first few were heavy, but I managed. Then we got to some of the boxes that had gotten wet. He hands me the first wet box, I turn to walk over and place them on top of another box.... the box gives way and I fall to the ground praying I don't drop them. Somewhere in the mix, the hubs saw me going down and he jumped from the truck.... his foot somehow managed to get right underneath my right knee and I landed on it.... hard. By this point we were both laughing, hysterical. I asked him if I broke his foot, he said it was numb, but not broken. However, he was happy to have a numb foot. He said if it hadn't been there, I would have cracked my knee.

Stupid wet boxes!!

We started again and I did pretty good until I got my hands on the next wet box! This time Terry couldn't get down quick enough and I landed on my wrist. The laughter made me forget about the pain, and we kept going until we had the bed of the truck emptied.

Then we had to head back to BMP to load the 20x20 tile for the kitchen. At this point we were sweaty, tired and sore. But the flooring, walls, and the glass and stone boarder is at the house and ready for them to put down.

We took a short break to get a bite for lunch, and then it was time for our weekly date at Lowes. To get us fueled and hydrated, we stopped for these...

The next three hours were filled with lights, faucets, etc as we got the majority of the things we needed for the electrician and the plumber to began this week.

If we were asked one time, we were asked ten times... "redecorating?" To which we replied.... remodeling!

After unloading at the house... we called it a night. We needed some rest before another day of fun.

Sunday morning brought exactly what we feared.... pain and soreness. Let's just say, we didn't need a crazy workout to make us hurt... this remodeling is more than we could ever need.

We celebrated five months of wedded bliss at.... Lowes, again! This time, we had a mission for toilets! Of course, we went ahead and got door knobs, hinges, etc. too!

We are pretty sure they know us by name by now... Saturday the guy said y'all have been in here before... I recognize y'all! HA! If he only knew!!

But, we did manage to find our toilets!!! (We have three bathrooms, but we aren't remodeling one until Spring 2013.)

We got everything home and unloaded to their new locations in the house and went home to crash. Kinda looking forward to going back to work so we can get some rest. We're getting closer to the end, y'all!!!

Enjoy your week!


  1. Maybe I'm a sap these days, but this post made me cry. Not only can I feel your joy through this post, but I am SO genuinely happy for you and this time in your life. I'm so happy for all the laughs you and Terry have. I'm so happy for the love and blessings that spill over from your life!!!!

  2. So so fun!! I can not wait to see the final product! You guys are troopers! I love that accent tile!


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