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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two weeks ago, the hubs and I were heading off to work together. (He was driving me because I was having oral surgery that afternoon.) When we started backing out of the driveway, I asked him what was at the front door. There was a large box which apparently had been delivered the day before... we just didn't see it when we got home.

The Mr ran out to the front door and put the package in our garage and said we would open it when we got home later that afternoon. Well, I was out of it when we got home — and continued to be out of it throughout the next day. And when I finally came to... the hubs showed me the package and told me who it was from.

Y'all have heard me talk about Linda and Randi with Passionately Rivalicious a few times here on the blog, and bless their sweet Texan souls... they sent us a "Happy Tailgating" package for the start of the SEC football season! 

Inside that big box was something I've seen on their website that I've been eyeing for months.

And inside that beautiful insulted bag... wonderful things to have a little tailgate here at home for the games — which included some Mama G's Creations... Salsa in a Snap! I poured the contents from the container in a tupperware dish and when you take the top of the lid.... it will light up your senses.

And with the salsa in a snap, came recipes...

We've made the first recipe, twice! Seriously, it's addicting! Just 8 oz. of sour cream and a scoop of salsa in a snap. Oh and be sure to have a drink nearby. ;)

And I've found these to be the perfect pairing with the dip...

This has become my favorite snack, my favorite thing to eat with my turkey sandwich at lunch and I think we've even gotten my parents hooked on it, too!

Have you tried it before? I can't wait to try some of the other "hot" recipes!

Linda and Randi, thank you for being wonderful friends. We were so surprised with this sweet gift and will continue to think of you every time we use our new bag — and eat Salsa in a Snap! =)

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