A look at our living room...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The room we stay in 1/3 of the time is our living room. Since we purchased this home, I've dreamed about what this room would look like — and it turned out even better than I could have imagined. It's so homey, and it is just our style.

Enjoy a tour of our living room...

And yes, that would be candy corn in our pitcher. The "one love" heart came from our wedding/honeymoon in Jamaica, and it goes perfect with the burlap lamp shades through our room.

And our wedding pictures finally have a permanent home. This is one of my favorites!!

This is probably the hubs favorite view in the house. He loves all his big tvs.

And that was the tour of our living room. If you come to visit... this is where we will most likely sit and talk — here or our rather large deck off the kitchen and living room. =)


  1. Super nice, Joy! You did a great job! The "one love" souvenir is perfect!

  2. Love this! It does looks cozy and great for watching some football. Question about your tv though....where are the boxes (i.e. cable box)?


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