Dear Rooms To Go...

Friday, September 14, 2012

We were so excited when we found furniture that we loved from your store back in July. Our salesman was very helpful and patience as I literally dragged my hubs all around the store as we went "room to room" looking at all the different bedroom suites and living room sets.

I have a specific taste, and when I saw that bedroom suite from across the way.... I knew it was ours! It was the same way with our living room furniture... only I didn't just see it — I sat on every. single. couch in your Birmingham store until I found the one that was perfect for us. We were more than happy with our purchases and couldn't wait to have them set up in our new home. When they asked for a delivery time, we were happy they met our timeline because we didn't need the furniture for another month.

Skip ahead to four weeks later....

While I was hard at work, the Mr got a call stating our furniture was being delivered. I was so excited and could just imagine how it would look when I got home. That vision was shattered only a few minutes later as my husband called to tell me, "I've got bad news."

So do y'all want to hear the bad news or the good news first? The good news... okay! Our living room furniture was just as I imagined it to be. It's not only beautiful, but it's also very comfortable and stylish! We have enjoyed sitting watching tv on our new living room furniture.

Too bad the good news doesn't last long...

Our bedroom furniture was another story. DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!!! Where do I start? First of all, the bed couldn't be put together because they had two left feet instead of a right and a left. The solution? Y'all said you would send us the right foot in 7 to 10 business days. REALLY? What the heck were we suppose to sleep on... just put our mattresses on the floor? I called the store here in Bham and they said they would "loan" us a frame. Guess what.... WE ARE STILL SLEEPING ON THAT FRAME!!! The Mr called after the 10 business days to find out what was going on and you informed us that "we don't stock that part, and the manufacturer doesn't have one either." REALLY? When were you going to call us and let us know? The solution? We'll just order y'all a new bed and have it delivered in two weeks. Story of my life!!! Are you starting to catch on here?

Oh there's more...

This just might be the icing on the cake. Our dresser, which we loved so dearly when we purchased it in July was delivered at the same time. Only the right corner at on the top was SMASHED in. The delivery guys said, "oh we'll have a technician come take a look at it." A TECHNICIAN?!?! This is BRAND NEW FURNITURE. It was bought brand new, and I'll be damned if we are going to have someone come out and "fix" a brand new piece of furniture that you delivered to us DAMAGED!

Here's the best part...

My husband met your "technician" at our lovely new home today. He said he "fixed it and thought it would be fine." SERIOUSLY??? Here's my question to you... say you go and order a brand new car... they deliver it to your house (you've yet to drive it) and the right front bumper is smashed in. Would you except it? Even after they said they'll "fix" it? NO! Our furniture might not be the price of a brand new car, but it is brand new furniture and we expect it to look brand new upon delivery to our home. That means undamaged!! If we had bought a piece "as is" off the showroom floor... I could see where I would have no leg to stand on. You will, however, be sending us a new dresser because we are not satisfied with your technician's handy work. And I'm just waiting to see what will unfold next week when our newest new bed is delivered.

Now... I have a beautiful dining room with shiny hardwood floors that is just dying to have a rather large table, hutch and china cabinet to complete the room. However, the likelihood that it will be bought from you is slim to none!

Unhappy customers!!!


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about the unfortunate events that took place with your delivery. I can promise you that this certainly is not something that we expect for any of our customers to experience and am disappointed that this was not resolved to your satisfaction when it was first reported to our offices.

    I was able to locate your order and am adding the dresser to the exchange delivery as we speak. While our technicians do work wonders with cosmetic problems, you are absolutely right that our customers should expect to receive their new purchase in showroom condition. Prior to having the exchange loaded onto the truck for delivery, I will also be getting with our quality team to make sure each piece is carefully inspected before being loaded for delivery.

    If you have any questions about this or want to contact us directly, please feel free to email us at

    - Chad

    1. Chad, thank you for your help.... once this issue is fully resolved I'll be posting a master bedroom reveal to hopefully show off our beautiful new furniture. We've been looking forward to having our bedroom suite complete and not in a million pieces that it is in now.

  2. Oh snap! hahahahaha I love spicey Joy! But I'm so sorry that you've hit this bump in the road. I hope, as they say, that they get everything straightened out perfectly! And some money back for your trouble would be a nice touch!

  3. Sorry you had some troubles with them. We bought our end, coffee and sofa tables from them and 6 years later they are still going strong. Hopefully they will straighten it all out and you can enjoy the furniture for many years to come.


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