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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Its Ok Thursdays

... that we spent money on wrapping paper we didn't need, and a years subscription to Southern Living because two little boys came knocking at our door last night. Maybe it was their manners (asking if they needed to take their shoes off before coming in) and/or them being great salesmen, but we couldn't resist! The whole time the oldest was giving his sales pitch, the Mr and I kept smiling at each other. I think we both were thinking the same thing — we can't wait to have our own little salesmen one day. 

... that I'm counting down the days til October 10th. Why? Because Duck Dynasty Season Two begins!!!

... for MSU to have a bi-week this Saturday. However, I'm ready to watch my dawgs continue on through their winning season! 4 - 0 baby!!!

... to freak out a little, especially since Christmas is less than 3 months away. OH BOY!!! Shopping anyone??   

... that I'm SOOOO excited about seeing my family next weekend to celebrate my papaw's birthday. I can only hope I'm still going as strong as he is when I get to be his age. Who am I kidding... he is already putting me to shame. ;) 

... the Mr has to sweet talk me into getting out of bed every morning. Even though I threaten to stay home every weekday. LOL

... for everyone to ask us when we plan to have a baby. Just like it's okay for us to decide when that time is right for us.

... that we still have MB's water and food bowls still out. Just ready to see them filled because that means she'll be here for a visit.  

... that we have our fall decor out inside, but do not have anything "Halloween" on display. Only thing missing is our mums and pumpkins for the front porch! 

... to be more in love with this man I married six and a half months ago with every day that passes by.  

Hope y'all have a wonderful Thursday, and enjoy this last day of September!  

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  1. I always love your lists Joy. I bet you can't wait for sweet MB's next visit :-)


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