Master Bathroom Reveal

Saturday, September 8, 2012

While the master bathroom has been complete for a week, I just haven't had a chance to stop and snap a few pictures to show you the end result.

So, if you don't remember what the master bathroom use to look like... well, here it was...

If you missed the post on the master bath reno, click here.

And now... here is our newly remodeled master bath!

I love every inch of our bath, and the next few pictures will tell you why...

I've yet to soak in our tub, but it looks soooo inviting. We went with a drop in jetted tub, with tile surrounding. 

Before it had gold/brass faucets, and we changed all fixtures, faucets, and every accessory to oil rubbed bronze.

I've always wanted a hand spray nozzle for the tub, and now I have one. It will make cleaning much more pleasant.

The shower... it's magical. First of all it's huge. Second, it has an awesome shower head. Third, it has a bench. And last, it has two custom built insets — one for the Mr and one for the Mrs! The frameless shower door is pretty awesome, too!

Yes, I know it's not proper to take a photo with the toilet seat up, but it's brand new and sparkly... and I'm to tired too get up and take a new pic.

We added height to our existing vanity, replaced the outdated tops with granite, got new rectangle sinks, new lighting, and new faucets.

We also got two floating mirrors to replace the massive mirror that was previously there.

And when I said we changed all the accessories... I mean all of them. From door knobs, hinges, and stoppers to light switches and covers.

Well, there you have it, our newly renovated master bath. I can't express to you how much we are loving it. Now, I think I'll go soak in my new tub.


  1. That's it...I'm moving in...It's gorgeous!!!

  2. Looks great, Joy! I love everything, especially that you added height to your counters. I am in love with that awesome shower and those precious mirrors! Can't wait to see the rest!

  3. It looks fantastic! I would love one of those handle sprayers on my garden tub - cleaning would be a cinch!

  4. Oh that looks so awesome Joy! Now it's time to celebrate and take a bubble bath in that awesome tub!

  5. Can I move in??! This looks amazing, you guys should be very proud of yourselves!!

  6. You totally transformed your master bathroom. It's amazing how the new tiles made such a big difference. It looks classy. To add more character to the room, I suggest you to add drapes or roman shades to the window above the the tub. What do you think? -Majestic Exteriors

  7. Amidst the sinks, we had a vanity that any ladies would kick the bucket for. The thoughts for this originated from HGTV photographs. There was a lot of counter space and a seat to sit in. read the article

  8. You use the bathroom 2 maybe three times a day. This is a frequency that justifies the rule. Anything that is in your bathroom that you have not used in the past month is an observer. Naturally this does not apply to plants and pictures.intex hot tub reviews


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