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Sunday, September 30, 2012

We had a pretty laid back weekend, and it was greatly needed. However, we did manage to take a quick trip to Sams to buy a few things we needed that we seem to be buying every week.

The list we walked in with looked like this...

However, that list became about 1/4 of what we ended up getting.

As soon as we walked in, my heart skipped a beat. I've always had maroon mums every year since I can't remember when. It not only represents the beginning of fall, but it also gives another way of showing we are true maroon!! And these babies were HUGE. The Mr made a face, and then smiled because he knew I'd been looking for them for a while. I couldn't wait to get them home and on our front porch!

We came out with enough "stuff" that we won't need to go back until next year. No joke!! We will still have to visit the grocery store for meat, bread, vegetables and cold goods, but there won't be a need for anything else. Which means, no more trips to Walmart this year. Honestly, I couldn't be happier about that!

Just as my eyes lit up when I saw the mums, the Mr's eyes lit up when we came across these....

So we came out with more candy corn. Honestly, it's a staple to have around during September and October!

When we got home, my phone started buzzing with emails. My mom was sending me a pics of our sweet girl ready for belly rubs and turkey...

We can't wait to see her next weekend, and I'm sure the belly rubs will be endless!

The hubs had to meet a customer at work Saturday afternoon, and was sweet enough to drop me off for a little pampering. A mani/pedi was definitely needed, and he even sat with me through the last 20 minutes of it. I think he was more shocked to see that we were all watching football on the big screen when he walked in. Hey, some of us really do like football you know!

On our way home, we spotted a corvette show going on as we turned in our subdivision. So we stopped to check out the beauties. The oldest was an '82 and the newest was a 2012. Of course we would have taken any of them if they would have been giving them away. =)

We ended our Saturday night grilling and watching TV. We caught a movie that we hadn't seen, and watched more football. Even though we had a bye week, we still like to see what our future competition looks like. And I hope our dawgs were doing the same thing.

With our weekends, come laundry. But the laundry doesn't stop with just washing, drying and folding. You should always look professional at the work place. And I make sure the Mr's pants are ironed and ready to go each week. Your appearance can make a huge difference in the way people treat and respect you. And isn't that how everyone wants to be treated in the work force?

The rainy afternoon found us both wanting to take a nap, however we've found that napping causes us to not sleep great on Sunday nights. So while I got caught up with Bravo TV, the hubs stayed busy...

But we had to go outside on the deck to enjoy the beautiful sound of rain and feel the cool breeze. The rain hitting the puddles were my favorite...

Sunday nights are usually grill nights here at the Sowell home. And the menu hit the spot...

The weekend... seems it came and went so quickly, but it's always wonderful to have a good weekend, whether it goes by swiftly or not.

Hope y'all have a wonderful start to October tomorrow!! It's really here y'all!!!


  1. Oh that sounds like the perfect weekend! You know every time we go to Costco, we have the same thing...go with a small list, leave with enough toilet paper for everyone in the neighborhood lol

  2. Our Sam's trips end up much like that too. We can never get out of there without spending a minimum of $100, list or not.


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