Does that make me CRAZY?!?!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm linking up with Michelle and her link up "Does that make me CRAZY?!" blog post. You know we all have habits or thoughts... but just because we do, "Does that make me CRAZY?!"

• that I've been reminiscing of back in the day more and more. And it's crazy what can jar a memory. More on that with another blog post coming up soon...

• that I don't like ice in my drink. I mean, if it's already cold, why put ice in it? That just waters it down, right? With that being said, if I have to have ice — I like the type of ice Zaxby's has.

• that I don't like pork chops. I can't think of anyone else that hates it as much as I do.

• that I the Mr and I love ketchup, but will not touch a tomato.

• that I think mayo is gross. Seriously, I hate the smell, the texture... everything about it!

• that I'm proud of the accomplishments we've made? No one should put themselves on a mountain, but we've made a lot of changes this year, and well — we are pretty proud of the people we've become.

• that I don't like odd numbers and certain letters of the alphabet.

• that the Mr carries a roll of our "good" tp to work, when we go out of town, etc. He hates the sand paper stuff. This is one thing we don't buy generic.

• that I love getting to work early, but hate staying late.

• that I need probably really do need a new car, but I refuse to add a car note to the mix for at least a year.

• that I don't do Halloween. Fall I love! Give me pumpkins, candy corn, and all the fun stuff fall brings — but I can't stand the bloody, scary Halloween stuff.

• that I love blogging, and all the bloggy friends I've met along the way.

So tell me, just how crazy am I??!!  ;)


  1. Well, if the first two make you crazy, then I'm totally bonkers...and you are a condiment-averse as I am. Especially the ice thing. I only use ice in room temperature drinks-any cooler than that, what's the point?

  2. I am the same way about tomatoes. I really want to love them but just can't do it!


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