Fish Fry and Music

Sunday, October 21, 2012

We were in Mississippi this weekend to visit with family. And Saturday evening before MSU went 7-0, we went to my home church's fish fry with music by my very own papaw's band!

At 83, he is still plays every Saturday night, and will play for most anyone who asks. They're all pretty precious!

Have you figured out which one is my papaw, yet?!

Yep, he plays the lead guitar and is pretty awesome at it.

However, he also...


Aren't they adorable in their matching shirts?

We enjoyed some good food, and great music... and ended the night with a great football game. #hailstate Can't wait for next week's game!!!


  1. These pictures are adorable! :) My Papa also plays in a band...a Polka Band :) I used to go with him on Friday nights to his practices and play the accordion with him. I'll never forget those nights :)

    I love their matching shirts!

  2. Your Papaw is precious! Glad you had such a wonderful visit! Hope your week goes well!

  3. that is so awesome your papaw still plays and sings, i bet he says it keeps him young! hope the fish fry was good

  4. Your Papaw is adorable!!! I love little old men in matching shirts, and I'm a sucker for the ones that can sing and play guitar ;-)

    that makes me miss both of mine all the more =)


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