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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ever get to daydreaming or reminiscing? It's amazing what something on TV, a sound, a smell or a dream can bring back the oddest, oldest memories from back in the day. I posted a little about this on Tuesday's post which you can read by clicking here.

Well, bare with me while I note some of the ones that has come to my mind here lately... they're pretty random.

• I wore the year before's dance costume for Halloween every year. Mom always said she would get her moneys worth out of them. =)

• I would sneak out of the house on Sunday afternoons while I was "suppose" to be sleeping to meet up with Jared and Anna (my childhood neighbors) to play on our swing set. 9 times out of 10 I always got caught, but a few times I made it.

• my brother and I would spend a week out of the summer at mamaw and papaw's house riding 4-wheelers and have cornbread for breakfast! Mamaw always made me a pawn of homemade cornbread and my brother homemade biscuits.

•  there actually was TGIF on TV — Friday night's in the family room watching Full House and Perfect Strangers after enjoying Pizza Hut take out for dinner. I can almost here hear the fireplace going now.

• I played with Hooch, a lab puppy before Uncle Jim gave him to his future wife, Phoebe as a surprise. Little did she know, I cried when he gave him to her, because I wanted to keep him.

• I would watch soaps with my granny. Boy I miss All My Children. =)

• my granny worked at Blairs in Quitman. And those must have white hush puppy shoes every Easter.  Oh, those paired with tan panty hose... it was a must to complete the outfit.

• we went on our six grade Washington DC trip... sometimes I still feel that knot on the back of my head. LOL

• I was in Clarke County's Jr Miss Program. I didn't know any of those girls when I went to our tea, but lifelong friendships were made then and continue on now.

• deer season would come. Seems like we were always waiting for dad to walk in the back door on Saturday nights and waiting to see if he had killed a deer or not. (Those were the days before cell phones.) Wow, just think our children won't even know of a world without the world being at their fingertips.

• I used my first car phone. And it was a bag phone. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! HA!

• each year, the day after Thanksgiving we decorated the house for Christmas. Mom would drag out all the decorations from under the stairs and I'd sneak off to nibble on carrot cake.

• we use to dress up for homecoming week in high school. Nerd Day, Decades Day, Twin Day, Pajama Day... Oh I miss those days.

Do you ever get to daydreaming or thinking back on the earlier years? Do things like a certain smell or sound strike a cord with you that brings back memories? I hope I'm not the only one. =) If you have, what's something I wouldn't know about you back in the day that you can tell me now?!?


  1. Oh gosh, Blair's!!! Your Granny probably waited on my Nanny a billion times. Every Easter dress I had from birth until I was too old for the frilly dresses came from Blair's (and yes, the white hush puppy shoes). Nanny worked across the street at Majure's for years (and the knitting mill). Nanny pierced my ears when I was 5 while I sat on the counter on the right hand side (from the door). I jumped when she did my left ear, so it's a fraction of an inch lower than my right. I spent many an hour pestering Mr. Majure while he worked on jewelry. We would walk over to the coffee shop for lunch when she took her break (before it burned)...

    My daddy would drive the tractor to pull Santa in the Christmas parade (when he was home anyway)...and I decked Smokey the Bear when I was 4. I didn't care for people in masks, ha!...

    Lunch at Ward's and Sunday dinner at Pepper's with my great-grandparents. They lived just behind what is now First State Bank in Quitman. Grandpa Leon and I would walk over to Ward's at lunch when I stayed with them and get a Big 'Un for him and Little 'Un for me...

    Mama worked at Everett Drugs over by Bill's Dollar Store and I remember feeling so grown up when she decided I was old enough to cross the parking lot and go get a drink out of the machine out front.

    Saturday nights at Gappy's or Long's...

    Gosh, you've made me all nostalgic now!!!

  2. This is such a great & fun post! I may have to do one like this!!!

    TGIF was such a great memory for me! My sister and I loved Full House & Perfect Strangers! I miss good shows like that! Balki, to this day, amy be my favorite character from TV!

    I also remember watching All My Children with my grandmother! I miss those days!

    Oh and homecoming week at school was so much fun! We looked forward to that week every year!

    Great post!!

  3. Hi Joy, I'm Anne from Life on the Funny Farm (http://annesfunnyfarm.blogspot.com) visiting from the TALU.

    Great post! I always love reading retro type stuff. Always brings me back, and usually in a good way.

    Anyway, it’s nice to "meet" you. I hope you can pop over to my blog and say hi sometime if you get the chance.


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