Let me (re) introduce myself...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Do y'all remember high school?
Do y'all remember high school football games?
Do y'all remember some of the cheerleader chants?

Well, today I'm going to "introduce myself" on my 700th blog post!!
(Thanks to all my new followers and Marcie for giving me this idea, I thought I'd re-introduce the Sowell's here at the Sowell life.)

We are the Sowell's... the wifey is Joy... the hubs is Terry... she loves to blog... he reads/contributes to our blog... and this is what we're all about:

• Before this blog was renamed to "the Sowell life" it was called Confessions of a Southern Socialite
You can read how it became the Sowell life by clicking here and here!

• We're newlyweds.... and you can read all about wedding by clicking here!

• We are transplants here in Alabama. We both lived in Mississippi all our lives, but recently moved here to Bama land to further our careers and start our life together as one. We officially planted roots here and you can read about that by clicking here.

• We have the cutest little girl named Marleigh Belle. And you can read all about her by clicking here. She lives with her granny and papa, but comes to visit us often. =)

• I love to cook. The Mr loves to grill. Yes, we have pictures and recipes posted on this blog weekly, and some of our favorite recipes can be found by clicking herehere, here, and here!
• We love our dawgs... and you might understand why by clicking here.

• We love to travel by ourselves, to meet up with friends, or to hang out with family. You might enjoy seeing some of our little adventures by clicking here. (I might need to update this one... lol we've been quite a few more places since it was last updated.)

• Blogging has turned into more than hobby, it's become part of our life. Partly because some of my favorite bloggers have become more than just publishers of blogs I read — they've become friends! These are a few of them that are more like sisters to me: Darbs, Haven, Sarah, Jenny, Ryan, Megan, and Allyson! However, that number is growing daily. =)

Do y'all have any questions for us? We'd be more than happy to answer them for y'all!


  1. WOW 700th post?!?!?! That is awesome! Congratulations and of course thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us! You are so sweet to include me, and the feeling is mutual! Have a great week!

  3. Thanks for the love!! 700 posts! Wow!!!

  4. Love this! And love the idea of re-introducing yourself. You might be seeing something eerily similar pop up on my blog soon (with credit to you, of course!). :)

    Thanks for the love -- blog friends are just the BEST! :)

  5. Holy cow...700!!!! That's impressive! I'm just now over 400. I can already tell you like cooking. I'm gonna need you to post some recipes on here that are 5 ingrediants or less please :)

  6. Hi Joy! Congratulations on your 700th post!! I wish you many many more! :)


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