My "I never want to" bucket list...

Monday, October 15, 2012

You always see people post a bucket list, but have you ever thought of making an "I never want to" bucket list?? First you might need to know what a bucket list is. That is of course you've been living under a rock for the past 10 years...

Definition #1: A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term "kicked the bucket."

Definition #2A "bucket list" is a list you make with friends of things you always say your going to do and don't.  — Yep that's more like it y'all!

(Btw, these definitions came from Urban Dictionary.)

Now, here is a list of things I never want to do before I die...  and I think I'm a little more apt to make sure these never happen.

• skydive, bungie jump, etc. — Really I shouldn't have to explain myself on this one, but just so you know I'm terrified of heights, of falling, or the bottom dropping out from under me where I'm standing.

• go hungry — I love to cook and eat just about all Southern foods, and I don't think I could ever live without them.

• eat a squirrel, a frog or a possum. — No explanation needed.

• wrestle an alligator, snatch up a snake, or have a mouse run across my foot — Oh wait... that last one already happened a few years ago. I screamed and cried, and got the broom and a tupperware bowl after it. Poor mouse didn't know what it had coming for him.

• fall into a snake pit. — If you've read any of my previous posts before, you know just how much I hate snakes. I hate to see a picture of them, see them on tv, or see them through a glass (like at the zoo).

• get stuck on a roller coaster. — This would of course require me to get on one.

• run out of gas. — That's goes for being stranded anytime or anyway on the side of the road.

• get stuck on an elevator. — I'm always nervous on an elevator and for some reason I keep having dreams about them opening up between floors. Weird.

• to meet a vampire. — Not that they exist, but still you get my drift. (Yes, we watch waaaay too many movies.)

• get head lice. — Fortunately, I didn't get it in grade school, and hope I never do. Just the mention of those two words make my head itch!

• run out of finger nail polish. Yeah, call me crazy, but I love have a million different shades of red. HA! You might could call me obsessed... the Mr does. LOL

• lose touch with my best friends. These ladies know my heart and I know theirs. Life would be pretty boring without them.

What would you put on your "I never want to" bucket list?!


  1. eeeeek! I completely agree!!! yuckie!!!

  2. These are some good ones!!! Except I have to admit I have eaten squirrel before! It was not good and I will never eat it again!

  3. Hi from Mingle Monday!
    I hate snakes too! Eeeek!
    They are so grose!



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