Our perfect weekend - Part II

Monday, October 8, 2012

Saturday morning started out pretty slow... as in we were lazy so we were moving slow. After sleeping in and giving Mar Belle some much needed belly rubs, we set off to the Lauderdale County Coop Christmas Shoppe. Why? To buy a Christmas tree of course!

Why? Because we sold our Christmas tree before we moved to Alabama, and the holidays are just around the corner and I trust these guys to have the best. We came out with a beautiful new tree and garland for the new home. Can't wait to put it all up... soon.

After hugging a few people we ran in to at the Coop, we headed over to San Marcos to have lunch with Abby!!!

We had a marathon catch up session while we were enjoying the best Mexican in town, but fortunately we will be seeing her again... real soon!

Another wonderful part of the weekend was seeing State become 5-0 — that's right baby!!! #hailstate

And before our next big visit, we headed back to my parents house to see what little MB was up to...

Can you find her in her sea of toys? Her granny and papa let her keep them out all the time.

After laughing and playing with our girl... we headed to see my granny and Robert. We hadn't seen them in a few months, and it was time to visit and catch up.

That evening, dad cooked up some awesome steaks, and mom and I finished up the sides inside. The weather was perfect, and finally it feels like fall is really here. After we were so stuffed we couldn't move any further we found the couch, and we settled in to watch the Aggies and TSUN. And I've got to tell you, that was a game. But I was happy to see the Aggies pull off a win — even after 6 turnovers.

Did I mention our Bulldawgs won?!! Go State, GO STATE!!

Well, that was our Saturday... the last part of the weekend was all about a celebration. More on that tomorrow. =)

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Lauderdale County Coop Christmas Shoppe=Heaven

  2. Joy do you get prettier everyday or what?!


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