Thankful Thursday

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm linking up with Ryan today for another week of...

Loved and Lovely

{I'm thankful} for blessings that can only come from above. His plan for our lives was written way before we even existed, and that's a powerful thing, y'all! 

{I'm thankful} to married to the only man for me. He's the love of my life, the one that knows me best, and the one that is always there. Even if he makes me go to work when I'd rather stay home. =)

{I'm thankful} for our families. And I'm even more thankful we get to see them this weekend.

{I'm thankful} for the sound of a friend's voice. Even if Angie's voice was half gone when I talked to her last night!! =)

{I'm thankful} for O'Charleys. Yep, it's true. I don't think I could ever tire from their California Chicken Salad. Even if I do make them take the oranges and strawberries off! =)

{I'm thankful} Duck Dynasty is back on TV. Yeah, call me crazy, but I enjoy watching those bearded men and their crazy ways.

{I'm thankful} for DVR. Because I fell asleep and didn't get to see my favorite show last night.

{I'm thankful} the holidays are just around the corner. But I'm pretty sure I'll be more excited when the crazy Target lady gets herself back on TV. If they play that commerical every few minutes like they did last year, I'm sure to be sick of her after a day! HA!

What are you thankful for? We have too many to list, cause our list is out the roof! We are so blessed, and we know y'all are too! Have a great Thursday, ya'll!


  1. Great list of blessings Joy! I'm thankful our inspection went well this morning :-)

  2. Umm, we don't have O'Charleys in Texas, and I'm sad because that salad looks AMAZING! So yum!


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